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Mnt cur pups

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I have high hopes for this cross and I’m wanting them to go to hunting homes. I’d rather them be given a shot then make money. Located in Kentucky. Pups are handled for a couple hours everyday and have been wormed 4 times with the first set of shots. NKC paperwork. Father is a direct son of Buralp. the Mom is bred well with old school blood on the bottom and is heavy Jukebox/Thundersport on Top. Both parents are combo tree dogs. The last picture of them is with wet dog food and where I rubbed a fresh squirrel hide on the tree. It’s a game I like to play with all my pups. Please call or text (602)818-7509. 




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All of them are nice looking healthy pups! Each person sees things in a certain pup out of a litter that they like better than the other pups. I personally like the one with the White Trim on it the best just because of the way it is colored and marked up. I do hope you get each one of them in some serious hunters hands that knows how to start off with a 6 week old pup and train it. No matter how well they are bred they cannot train themselves in their kennel. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great day. Jerry

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