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    The site for the serious owner, hunter, handler of one of the many various cur and feist breeds for squirrel and coon hunting.

    "We go get hooked while others are still looking for the track."

  • Squirrel Dog Central (SDC)

    is the hub for information on squirrel dogs. Squirrel dogs can be of many different breeds or bloodlines such as Original Mountain Cur, Mountain Cur, Treeing Cur, Kemmer Cur, Canadian Cur, Leopard Cur, Treeing Tennessee Brindles, Stephens Cur, Southern Blackmouth Cur, Blackmouth Cur, Henderson Cur, Camus Cur, Catahoula Cur, Mountain View Cur, Treeing Feist, Barger Stock Feist, Buckley Feist, DenMark Feist, Mullins' Feist, Thornburg Feist, American Squirrel Dog, Cajun Squirrel Dog, West Siberian Laika, Rat Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Fox Terrier, German Jagdterrier, Airedale Terrier, Treeing Farm Shepherd, Norwegian Elkhound, Finnish Spitz, Walker Hound, English Hound, Bluetick Hound, Redbone Hound, Black and Tan Hound. Each breed, strain or bloodline has its own traits and qualities.

    Choosing a squirrel dog is not an easy task. Every squirrel hunter has a different idea of what the perfect squirrel dog is. For instance: When squirrel hunting some like a hard tree dog some don't. Well, we have squirrel dog breeders from many different states that frequent this site. These breeders can help you in making the right decision about the type of squirrel dog that may suit you. We have users that train squirrel dogs for a living, that just got their first puppy or have had many World Champion Squirrel dogs come from their kennel active here.


    Take a look around and enjoy our site.

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    • I have a nice little female cur pup that I will give to a good home. I got her from a man in middle Tn back in the spring close to the Alabama line. I can't remember her birth date but she is about 7 to 8 months old. He said her mother was a real squirrel dog.  She is not a papered dog and her parents were not either.  She has been handled very little but will come and let you catch her also has loaded in my truck a few times in the yard. But she has never been hunted or even taken to the woods or had a gun shot around her. She is not ill in any way toward people or other dogs. She is up on all her shots except rabies. I have 2 pups I'm hunting and she is not being fooled with here. I don't see any reason she want make a tree dog she barks at the squirrels in the pecan trees by her pen and my two cat went the walk by also. She weights about 40 pounds now.  If interested call me here in NW Tn 731-514-8794. Dave
    • Think I gonna be getting one of these. PM will be inbound.
    • We have some copies left if folks are interested. Please note the new address! 12 Airport Road, Huguenot, NY 12746. Easiest way is to send $30 payment via PayPal to graysfeist@gmail.com If you mail to our old New Jersey address we won’t get itS    thanks! 
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