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    Squirrel dog training is not an easy task. We are the hub for information on squirrel dogs. Squirrel dogs can be of many different breeds or bloodlines. The most popular are Cur or Feist. Each breed, strain or bloodline has its own traits and qualities.

    Choosing a squirrel dog is not an easy task. Every squirrel hunter has a different idea of what the perfect squirrel dog is. For instance: When squirrel hunting some like a hard tree dog some don't. Well, we have squirrel dog breeders from many different states that frequent this site. These breeders can help you in making the right decision about the type of squirrel dog that may suit you. We have users that train squirrel dogs for a living, that just got their first puppy or have had many World Champion Squirrel dogs come from their kennel active here.


    Take a look around and enjoy our site.

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    • Taking offers. Work has me tied up the next couple months. Really need to find someone who will hunt her.
    • I am looking for a female catahoula puppy.  Preferably just weaned. In or near the South Carolina area.   Interested in working stock or hog dog stock.  If you know of any litters around please give me a call or text. Derek Drafts 803-429-3291. Thank you! 
    • Sire is Jude’s Redman. Female named Ritzy. She uses both her nose and vision. She trees good by sight. Uses her nose a lot but still doesn’t have the confidence with it. Still a pup. Right at a year old. I just don’t have the time to hunt her like she needs. She really needs meat knocked out to her. $1000. Located in west Tn.  You can text me at 731-377-1432. 
    • Some times we want to keep and do keep more of them than we have time to start and train. LOL I am speaking from past experience when I kept 3 littermates Sport, Pistol, and Baby. For the next 6 seasons, Squirrel Season became a full time job for me hunting them one on one plus their Sire Copper and Dam Daisy along with other pups that was given to me during those seasons. LOL If I like a pup/dog I normally keep it for 6 seasons and see how they end up before I breed them or give them away. Then I normally get a pup out of them to mess with and hope to keep and hunt for about 6 more years. I bred my Daisy female when she was 6 years old and when she was 9 years old. I kept 3 pups out of her first litter, 2 males Sport and Pistol, and I kept 1 female Baby, and I kept 1 female pup out of her last litter Little Daisy. I used all 4 of those dogs in my breeding program that I Line Breed that helped reproduce the dogs I own and hunt today. Take care and good luck with your new pup/pups and all the rest of your dogs this season. Jerry
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