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    Squirrel dog training is not an easy task. We are the hub for information on squirrel dogs. Squirrel dogs can be of many different breeds or bloodlines. The most popular are Cur or Feist. Each breed, strain or bloodline has its own traits and qualities.

    Choosing a squirrel dog is not an easy task. Every squirrel hunter has a different idea of what the perfect squirrel dog is. For instance: When squirrel hunting some like a hard tree dog some don't. Well, we have squirrel dog breeders from many different states that frequent this site. These breeders can help you in making the right decision about the type of squirrel dog that may suit you. We have users that train squirrel dogs for a living, that just got their first puppy or have had many World Champion Squirrel dogs come from their kennel active here.


    Take a look around and enjoy our site.

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    • Anyone have a pathfinder mini they would want to swap for a brand new ( wore in woods twice by pup ) TRX? Figured I’d ask here before I list for sale on the book of face 
    • Nkc registered with puppy papers and wormed and had first shot. She is a black and tan colored both parents tree own squirrels. Location is southern, Illinois phone is 618-927-2343 caint post picture but can send on smart phone.
    • @steeler92 & @hillbilly stalker thanks for the advice.  I like the idea of getting my first to be a started dog since it will be my first hunting dog. Need to do some more research on close working blood lines for the curs as well. I did a brief search on local coon clubs and came up short as well but will try and expand my search for that as well. Thanks, Luke
    • Hello im looking for some one to start my felale leopard cur on squirrel and coon i have fooled with her some on a squirrel she hates them but thanks she is a little young to hunt on coon yet needs to be finished out on squirrel first we can work out something on her i am getting ready to have hip surgary and wont be able to hunt her need help this season if your interested i can pay some if you dont want some puppys out of her later thanks Danny C. Williams im in central Ky Salvisa my cell phone # is 859-940-9339call or text me   
    • Best thing you can do is hunt with both types. If you have a local coon club, go to a hunt or meeting and ask about who has squirrel dogs. Dogmen are dogmen and they will know. I’ve never met a squirrel hunter ( dog) that didn’t enjoy taking other people, especially kids. Your local feed and farm will most likely know who the dogmen are also.  The thing about squirrel dog is , you get out of them what you put in them. If your new to training dogs, it’s best to start with a started dog. That will save you time money and frustration. If and when you get to that step, come back on here and ask what to look for, be smart about it.     By the way….buy a Chevy 
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