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    Squirrel dog training is not an easy task. We are the hub for information on squirrel dogs. Squirrel dogs can be of many different breeds or bloodlines. The most popular are Cur or Feist. Each breed, strain or bloodline has its own traits and qualities.

    Choosing a squirrel dog is not an easy task. Every squirrel hunter has a different idea of what the perfect squirrel dog is. For instance: When squirrel hunting some like a hard tree dog some don't. Well, we have squirrel dog breeders from many different states that frequent this site. These breeders can help you in making the right decision about the type of squirrel dog that may suit you. We have users that train squirrel dogs for a living, that just got their first puppy or have had many World Champion Squirrel dogs come from their kennel active here.


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    • Born 3/27/21 out of my dogs. She is NKC registered as Treeing Cur.  She is ready to start.  Her sire is my ZZ TOP and her dam is my Squirrelly Pearlie. ZZ is registered Treeing Cur out of multi-grand champion 20/20 Festus (OMCBA) x Callie (Walker hound and squirrel hunt winner) Squirrelly is registered Mountain Feist out of Lightfoot Slick and Pulley's Penny. Shows Atomic Torch, SS Super Sport, and many other good ones. This pup has been naturally tree minded. She runs loose and explores. She kennels up nicely. Very bold and happy pup.  $300 in Ripley TN 38063 731-413-3819  Mike Stephens   
    • Best thing you can do is hunt with both types. If you have a local coon club, go to a hunt or meeting and ask about who has squirrel dogs. Dogmen are dogmen and they will know. I’ve never met a squirrel hunter ( dog) that didn’t enjoy taking other people, especially kids. Your local feed and farm will most likely know who the dogmen are also.  The thing about squirrel dog is , you get out of them what you put in them. If your new to training dogs, it’s best to start with a started dog. That will save you time money and frustration. If and when you get to that step, come back on here and ask what to look for, be smart about it.     By the way….buy a Chevy 
    • Good luck it’s addictive. I don’t think it matters on the breed it’s more about the line of dog you choose. Both breeds have deep hunting/closer hunting dogs you just have to find the line of dogs that hunt the way you’d like. Take it from someone who’s started with puppies it is probably one of the most rewarding things but the flip side to that is it’s also the most frustrating. If all you want is to go out and kill squirrels with your boys I’d buy either a finished or well started dog. After you see how you guys like it maybe next season buy a pup. I hope this helped. 
    • I am fairly new to this forum but have read a lot over a year so I know this question will be like asking if a Chevy or a Ford truck is best for a farm truck, so for that I apologize.    However I am truly waffling each month on whether my first squirrel dog should be a Feist or Cur or some other breed.  I have two boys who love hunting as do I they are young 12 and 8. For the past three years we have utilized the spot and stalk method and been successful, but I would like to take the next step and get into hunting with dogs.  Because my boys are young I would like a closer working dog like a cut but we have big woods here and we like to hunt long days so wouldn’t want to wear out a smaller dog. (Not even sure that is a thing)   We are a dog family. Have one now but not a hunter and I have always owned them.    In addition to struggling to decide on breed our area (Central Western Illinois, right along the Mississippi) does not have many if any kennels that I can find or a hunt club nearby for squirrels. So I am also looking for advice on who to visit as I don’t have a lot of connections in this area for squirrel dogs. Our area of Illinois has tons of squirrel habitat and it is easy to get access to hunt squirrels because all anyone around here cares about is big white tails.    Hope all that makes sense and any advice would be appreciated.    Luke
    • Hillbilly you made the right decision because no one needs but 1 pup per season to start period! Pups are a disease and we can catch that disease over and over when we try to get every pup we see. LP called me when they were first born to see if I wanted a pick of the litter out of the males or females. Yes I would have loved to got one of the females off of him but State Line Dave bought me a very nice female pup "Dotty" that I want to try to get started this season. I tried to get Dave to get her for himself because of the way she was bred. I knew if she made a good squirrel dog that pleased him when he got her trained, she "SHOULD" cross real well over his King dog that I gave him when he was around 6 weeks old. Dave said, he did not want to try to start another pup so he bought her and the owner he bought her from had one of his friends to deliver her to my place. Our squirrel population is very low in the areas I have been hunting this month and if that continues throughout the whole season I probably will not get Dotty treeing her own squirrels this season. At this time I only own Toby, his son Rowdy, and Dotty, so I get to hunt Dotty every time I hunt Toby. I have never like getting a pup off of a first time cross period! Some work and some do not work! I like getting a pup off of a line of proven tree dogs that has had some good results of reproducing some good offspring for several years. Some of them works and some of them do not work also! But it does increase your chances of getting a pup that "SHOULD" tree if given a chance. I am getting to old to take many more chances raising pups off crosses that I know has never been made before. If and that is a very big "IF" Dotty does make a good squirrel dog one day in the future, the way she is bred she "SHOULD" cross real well over Toby one day in the future if I wanted another pup to mess with. The next cross Mr. Cagle and I have talked about making one day is him breeding his Queenie female to my Toby dog which is her Grandpa on her Sire side "Rowdy" side of her breeding. Yes if he decided to make that cross and she has some pups that lives, I would be interested in trying a pup or two out of that cross to see how they turned out. Line breeding like that would be doubling back up on Toby! Take care and good luck with your young dogs and your older dog this season. I will get off of here and load up Toby and Dotty and make a short walk hunt with them this morning and see if he can find a squirrel to tree or not. "He may and he may not!" I walk hunted him and Dotty about 1 hour the other morning and he never made a single bark period! It is what it is and we cannot change it! PS. All those dogs I named above that I knocked out all those squirrels to while I owned and hunted them, I gave away at some point in their life! Some of them I gave away and got back and gave away again later in life! LOL Jerry
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