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  1. Levi

    Squirrel Pot Pie

    6 sqrls, boiled or pressure cooked till tender debone meat, shred 1 bag mixed veg- corn, green peas, carrots 2 - cans cream chicken, 1 can cream potato Lots black pepper, no salt, soups have plenty 1 Pkg Pillsbury Pie crust, contains 2 place 1 crust in bottom of pie plate mix soups with 1/3 cup milk to thin mix soups, sqrl and vegs pour over pie crust, Place second crust on top and press edges with fork to seal, poke holes all over top crust to allow steam to vent, beat 1 egg with 1 tbls water, brush on top crust all over (makes it
  2. 3 compartment dog box, top storage diamond plate, needs new lifters for top storage, Great condition. Dimensions- 46" wide-27"tall ,36" deep $400 will not deliver, in North Mississippi, I got fiest to big 601-540-7403 before 8 pm central
  3. This recipe will make even big fox squirrels very tender 4-5 squirrels cut up in pieces dry well, roll in buttermilk or egg wash Roll in flour seasoned with what you like (Cajun, cavenders, Mortons season all ect) Brown on both sides over medium heat, brown only, not until done!!! Put pieces on a plate that will fit inside of your crock pot. It ok to stack pieces if necessary. Put 1 inch water bottom of crock pot then find small saucer that will fit in bottom, place plate of squirrels on top of saucer. Idea is to steam the squirrels, not let come in contact wi
  4. 3 -4 whole/ cut up squirrels 1 can Cream of Celery soup 1 small container sliced mushrooms 1 medium onion chopped Salt and pepper squirrels, lay in bottom Add chopped onion Add sliced mushrooms Thin soup with 1/2 cup milk, pour over mixture in pot Cook on high 3 hrs till tender or in insta pot for 18 mins Serve over any type rice(I like Jasmine rice)
  5. How many lumens, what size batteries?

  7. I enjoy your posting, admire your devotion and respect your commitment/success in breeding/hunting sqrl dogs. keep up the good work you have made many people happy with your generosity in this sport. Some day I would like to come watch your dogs do their thing, you have sparked my interest.

  8. Glassman where you been, hope all is well. you turning any dogs loose these days.

  9. yes, mikes father and my grandfather were brothers, I still have family home beside Mike, you mustbe from winona

  10. we don't live that far apart, should make a round together sometime. I hope my latest project starts performing as well as Brody appears to. Nice looking dog, I have hunted with both his sire and dam, looks like he took well from the pics you have posted.

  11. Thanks for your interest, Buddy is also off of Landrums Lee, the breeding took place prior to Landrum owning Lee, the Dam is from

    Bulletc on here,She was a Cajun Sqrl Dog/Treeing Cur. Buddy is 4yr old, excellent tree dog, avgs 150-200yd but will go deeper to find the game if needed. Mark Kennedy owned Lee at time of breeding

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