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    3 -4 whole/ cut up squirrels 1 can Cream of Celery soup 1 small container sliced mushrooms 1 medium onion chopped Salt and pepper squirrels, lay in bottom Add chopped onion Add sliced mushrooms Thin soup with 1/2 cup milk, pour over mixture in pot Cook on high 3 hrs till tender or in insta pot for 18 mins Serve over any type rice(I like Jasmine rice)
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    Well I thought it was time to start some drawings here on SDC. You must be a subscriber to enter in these. Here is how it will work: You must be the closest with out going over to the 4 digit number (0000-9999). Only posts made on the thread for that drawing will count. Make a post with your 4 digit number in it. If 2 people pick the same number the person that made the post first will be the winner. We will use the Cash4 numbers (Evening draw) posted on the Tennessee lottery web site. The date of the drawing will be posted in the thread detailing the item. If for some reason there is no Evening draw on the date posted it will be the first evening draw following that date. Good luck all Lonetree
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