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  3. I listed this pup on here once before and changed my mind but I won't back out this time. It will be the best thing for her to go to somebody that has more daylight than I can give her. I will try to post a picture tonight. I can also send the video I mentioned above. Shots are up to date, just got her 3 year rabies this past Saturday.
  4. I have a young dog for sale that shows a lot of potential but hasn't been hunted enough to do her justice. I've learned the hard way that at this stage in my life (full-time job, 3 kids) I don't have any business training a pup or young dog to be a squirrel dog and should save up for an older dog that can do it on its own. I have owned this female since she was 3 months old and have mostly hunted her in the woods behind my house, maybe hunted her I'd estimate about 25 times. She has treed a few easy ones she has run off feeders but still hasn't treed one in the wild and not staying much longer than a minute. The last time she did this I called her back to the tree and got her to bark up it again, and I took a video on my phone which I can send. She typically hunts out about 250 yards but will hunt closer in unfamiliar woods. She checks in and goes again. She is yellow in color, about 15" in height and 28 lbs last time I weighed her. Tone broke/collar broke but I don't have to use it much in the woods bc she handles well and comes when she is called. She hasn't been hauled much and not worked with much on a leash. Needs work there. She is not registered, and I was told by the breeder she is 1/2 mountain cur, 1/4 Jack Russell and 1/4 Rat Terrier and that he made the cross on purpose. Asking $250. I will show her in the woods. PM me on here to exchange contact info and we can talk more about her and/or set up a time to hunt with her. Thanks and God bless.
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  6. White Male with black ear out of Rose has sold.
  7. I found this good article about Squirrels here in Michigan. Squirrels.PDF
  8. Tan Male out of Tina has sold.
  9. Well I have decided to sale my squirrel dog after 7 years of fun. I just don't get to hunt him like I used to. This dog is out of Backwoods Boone Dock and Buck's Dixie Chrome. I bought this dog off of Jeremy Garner when he was 4 months old. This dog was treeing squirrels on his own at this age. This dog has been a real joy to hunt. He may tree 100 yards away and then again he may tree 500 yards away, but he is going to get treed somewhere. I want $1800 out of him and let me go ahead and say no I don't want to do any trading, no you cant take him and try him out for a month, no you can't make payments, and no I want hold him. I live in Morristown, Tn. If you want to try him out we will go, and you can make your own opinion of him. I will not blow him up for something he is or something he is not. You hunt the dog and make your own decision. All I can say is, in my eyes he is a squirrel dog. 423-736-9951 The first pic is him as a 4 month old pup.
  10. I have a male Yellow Black Mouth Cur that turned a year old at the end of December. This dog has treed one squirrel and two oppossums. I dont have time to hunt the dog the way he needs to be hunted plus I have to many dogs. I gave $300 for the dog when he was 6 weeks old and thats what I want for him. I live in Morristown, Tn. 423-736-9951
  11. Black Female out of Tina has sold
  12. Mr. Clyde I sure hate that for you. Dave
  13. Beautiful pups and have got some powerhouse dogs in their bloodline. I never saw a pup I didn't like. It's just the little boy still in me. LOL. They are extra nice pups. I hope they get to do what their bred to do. Dave
  14. Sorry to hear that. Tough break.
  15. That’s a tough break. ☹️ sorry to hear that.
  16. Bee will lose all 7 of her pups due to the freezing weather and unexpected loss of power to the brood box last night. No more winter pups for me.
  17. Those pups look sharp. Brindle and chrome!
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