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  2. Shain

    Omcba pups

    Cant get pics to load text ill send pics and pic of parents papers
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  4. 7 weeks old wormed 3 times had 1st shots. 5 females 4 males. Near bethany wv.304 312 3422. $200.
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  6. Nice looking pups .Should make some dandies
  7. Those should be some go-getters and lookers to boot.
  8. They are all nice looking pups. It is neat to see one come out looking like a pure full blooded Stephens Cur with all the white trim on it. Thanks for sharing. Jerry
  9. The four red ones and the grey one are still available. They are 3 months old born on 7-4-21. All shots given. $250 each Call 9316290312
  10. Those are some fine looking pups I bet they’ll tear to woods up next year!
  11. I raised this litter of pups because I wanted two for my own use. They were born August 6, 2021. She raised 10. Dam is Stephens (light bred) / Jukebox cross. Sire is Stephens (cedar creek hoss)/ Mountain Cur cross (Kimmer, York, MOD (My Old Dog) cross) Both parents are good dogs. They hunt hard, handle good, have good noses, suite me fine. I want $50 each for these pups, I'm not trying to make money, don't let the cheap price fool you, I only raise dogs for my own use and I have too many. These dogs are in Henderson, Texas. Call me rather than email... Gary Dumas 903 658 1350
  12. text me or call dont get on here much anymore thanks 859-940-9339
  13. I have these 5 mountain Feist pups 3 are 4 mts old all shots ready for the big woods also have 2 puppys 10 weeks old 2 puppy shots ready for new homes very gamey guaranteed to please text for pictures and talk hardlyever get on here anymore thanks Danny
  14. Thanks Jerry .But I better hold on to Copper.He is one of the smartest dogs I’ve personally every owned .I thank he’s going to make a dandy .He is as gamey as they come
  15. Chris, bring that old Yellow and White Feist male that has a little of my old bloodline in it down to my house and "GIVE" it to me and go get you one of those pups and try one out for yourself. Problem solved! LOL That will give you space for one of those pups. Something to think about. Take care. Jerry
  16. Nice looking pups .From what I’ve been told the most natural tree dog that there is .If I didn’t have to many already I would try one for myself
  17. Those sure are some good looking pups!
  18. West Siberian Laika pups for sale. Great squirrel dogs—very smart. Will be ready to go first of October. Located in Russell Springs, KY. Call 270-866-1026.
  19. West Siberian Laika pups.  Great squirrel dogs—very smart. Will be ready first of October. Call 270-866-1026. Located in Russell Springs, KY. 

  20. He’s a hoot! I’m really glad I got him in a good set of hands!
  21. Thanks mr. roper! That’s the info I’m looking for. My buddy that I gave the male pup out of my litter to primarily bear hunts but has fallen in love with this feist and he’s been beating that idea around in his head, I didn’t have any good info to offer him on the idea. I told him it would have to be a well thought out cross with the right hound. I told him he would probably lose some nose power, and probably end up with smaller type dogs because his hounds are smaller. But he should keep some speed, grit, and add a lot of brains. He’s been breeding his own line of hounds for years and has tons more experience than I do with breeding. I believe I’d almost have to try one if he did make a cross.
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