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  3. awww. wanted to see pictures without being a tire kicker. someday ill get a BMC just not now
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  5. I have a 5 month old granddaughter of Hutson’s Bandit for sale. NKC registered, located in southern IL. Call 618-926-2230 for additional details, pics, etc. Brad
  6. Jerry, I really enjoyed looking at and reading about your dogs from the past 20 years. I really like the looks of that Sport dog. Its's really nice of you to share the sport with others like you have. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ....... You are welcome. Sport was a real nice Road and walk type dog. I raised, started, hunted, and trained him and during the 6 years I hunted him I knocked out over 1,100 squirrels to him and I knocked out over 1,100 to his full litter mate sister Baby the Black and Tan female in those pictures. The half Black and half White faced male dog was their full litter mate brother that I called Pistol. He is colored up like "Trent's" Jack dog on here that is out of my Toby dog and his Rae female. I like the bigger size Feist because I enjoy road hunting as much as I do walk hunting and they are big enough to do both. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

  7. ....... Ryan if you want to see some of my line of Feist that I have owned during the last 20 years go to pictures and go to page 14. Go down toward the bottom of that page to a post titled 2000 Thru 2020 and a post titled 2010 Thru 2020 that was posted by Luther's Feist. I got Jessee Luther to post those pictures of my dogs on here for me because I do not know how. LOL I still use a flip phone if that tells you anything about me. I am from the old school and I can not do much at all on here. I like the looks of your OMC female and your Feist. Take care. Jerry

    1. new2doo


      Thanks Jerry, I really appreciate it. I'll definately take a look at your pictures. It sounds like you have a lifetime of dog knowledge and I really appreciate learning from guys like you. Have a good night.


  8. Wanted a female half redbone and half mountain cur or fiest I live in North West North Carolina
  9. 2 males & 2 females available. Will be ready January 10th, 2020. The sire of pups is a Baldwin bred male whose Sire is a squirrel champion. Above average squirrel dog and super road hunting dog. Comes from years of line breeding. The dam is out of Drake’s Dexter who won the UKC World Hunt and the Dam’s breeding is out of Cauley’s Black Brandie, Coxwells Pinto, Boggs Creek Legend, Boggs creek Turbo, and Wallace’s KY Doe. Will post pics of pedigrees $300 each. Taking Deposits. Will be making some deliveries. Check for delivery availability. Pups will be dewormed and have first parvo vaccine.
  10. she has had squirrels and 2 coons kill to her
  11. For sale a 3 year old NKC Registered female Feist. DOB 11/1/2017. Sire is SQ CH,TR CH, CH Reynolds June Bug and Dam is SQ CH, CH Reynolds Foxie. Price $500 Located in NE Kentucky. Call 606-474-9915.
  12. I have a compound bow I'll throw in to boot if anyone is interested. Martin Lynx.
  13. ....... Dave I did not want to say anything on here about the 2 dogs I went to Kentucky and got yesterday from Wendell Harrison aka47 on here. I gave him a puppy starter deluxe, a well trained walk and road type female that I called Baby to hunt and start his pups with. Gunner, the full litter mate to King has not been hauled of hunted enough to be truck or gun broke at this age. He did not know what I was doing when I was shooting at the squirrels Toby was treeing this morning. He was nervous and he got right behind me until I stopped shooting. Some time he would put both front feet upon my back while I was shooting. I cut them open and let him eat the heart and lungs out of them when Toby brought them to me. He was gentle when he did get them instead of trying to eat my hand off like some of the ones I have raised and started. I think I can still train him at this age. He has to much treeing bloodline in him to mot tree I personally think. He will bark at a squirrel he sees in my yard or behind his kennel when he sees and hears them om the ground or in the trees moving around. Wendell wanted to keep Baby to hunt when he wanted to go. He does take great care of her so that is all I care at 11 years old. The female I got is a full litter mate to the Penny female I am hunting for my nephew this season. She "Bonnie" is a better looking bigger size stronger built female than Penny is. I hope I can get her and Gunner treeing this season. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

    1. State Line Dave

      State Line Dave

      Jerry I hope they both turn out for you. Dave

  14. ....... Trent I did not want to say anything on here that others could read about the 2 dogs I went to Kentucky and got from Wendell Harrison yesterday. I gave him a very good well trained road and walk dog that I called Baby to hunt and start his pups with. She is a puppy started deluxe! Gunner the male that is the litter mate to your x Sport dog and Dave's King dog has not been hunted or hauled enough to be truck broke or gun broke at his age. He is a good looking thing and acts like he has a lot of since. He minds pretty good so far and he does bark at the squirrels he sees on the ground in my yard or on the ground behind his kennel when he sees or hears them. Wendell and his wife separated and he moved out and he did not have a place were he lived to keep and take care of them so I went and got them. I think I still can train both of them at this age. The female I got is a full litter mate to the Penny female I have been hunting for my nephew this season. The new female Bonnie is a better looking heavier bigger stronger built female that Penny is. She is sharp as a tack in looks and built. Time will tell. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

  15. I've got a crossbow I'll trade to just about anything hunting related. For instance, a Garmin t5 or TT15 collar, .22 rifle, shotgun. I can text pics and any information u need. It does have a scope. 270-765-8404.
  16. My female feist has had her last litter of pups. They will be ready for pickup the week of Christmas. They are $250 with a $100 deposit to hold. I own the mother and the father and they are both good treeing dogs. Any further questions or to request a different picture please call 2177108253 We are located in central Illinois.
  17. Hi Marc, Big Oak sent me your way. I ordered The Mountain Feist book from the store on this web site over a month ago and still haven't got it. I realize with covid a lot of things are slowed down. My credit card was billed that day, I think it was order #509. Just wondering if you could help me out or let me know something. I'd really appreciate it and thanks. John Paul
  18. WishYou were not so far away I live in Ohio what were you asking for your puppy
  19. Your pups are bred to be tree dogs for sure. Good luck getting them in treeing homes. Dave
  20. Brandy who is the dam of my pups sire is : Young Storm who is off Jukebox Tuff-E-Nuff and Garners Jukebox Babe ///Brandy's dam is Zimmer's Panda who is off Thundersport and Garner's Goldie lll.
  21. Pups will be 6 weeks old on 12/1. Sire is Bill Kemps Thunder directly out of Thundersport & Geronimos Shady Lady /// Dam papers attached. $250 each....shots and wormed . call 814-282-9358 for more info.
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