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  3. Puppies are all gone. I know they all went to good homes and will be hunted. Thanks to everyone. I hope they all make great tree dogs.
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  6. That a great looking pup.
  7. Got one last pup to sell .nothing wrong with her at all I just cant start 2 pups in one year and it ain't doing her no good setting in the pen ...born 7-20-20 getting 3rd round of shots in the morning...she is nkc and have puppy paper ...this pup is fooled with about everyday and not shy at all if I had time I would keeper her ...price is 300..if u have a kid that wants to fool with a pup we may working something out...the pedigree is her dams...she is out of my female and dusty hills dog jake ...both r out of crossfire kennel ...txt or call 615 489 6174
  8. Nice looking Plott pup.
  9. 1 year old Feist/Cur dog, male for sale. He is from the Busher bloodline. Located in central Kentucky, $200 Joey comes from a line of excellent hunters. He's an eager, happy guy and gets along great with us. Joey loves running and barks at anything that moves. He's ready to be trained and used for hunting. He has never snapped at or growled at a person. Joey is sometimes shy around excitable dogs but gets along fine with easygoing dogs. He's used to living outside and will chase but does not attack other animals. I think he will be a great hunter. He is neutered and got his shots updated
  10. HILLIS LADNER BLACK MOUTH CURS IN NORTH EAST TEXAS has a 9 week old Female pup for sale , She is yellow with a good black Muzzle both Parents are good Squirrel dogs and Coon dogs , She is 100% Ladner Blood Line comes with Papers email me if you would like to see a Pitcher of her at hillispaul@aol.com OR Call me at #903-276-9902 Office #1-903-543-3081 . web site www.hillisblackmouthcurs.com
  11. Yeah I went to the doctor today and they are scheduling me for a colonoscopy to see that it's not something more serious than back problems happening again time will tell.
  12. Sorry to hear you are having to let your dogs go hope you get well soon.
  13. Mr. Oak I’ve had 3 spine surgeries it’s not too fun. I had a good Dr. and good recovery. I hope you the best news from the Dr.
  14. Thanks I'm hoping and praying for the best but right now I'm afraid the best I can hope for is another back surgery and praying that is the best news I can get going to the doctor and get some test set up to see if it's something more serious.
  15. Big Oak I know you were really excited to get these dogs. Even built new pens and all not too long ago. I hope whoever gets them gives them a chance and takes good care of them. I also hope you get well soon and are able to hunt!
  16. Should be perfect age for this season
  17. Due to having health problems and getting ready to have test run to see what's wrong I'm putting him up so he can get the woods time needed. Hate to get rid of him but right now just not able to hunt him like he needs Male born 1-16-2020 Sire Colvard's Cool Trooper Dam Barger's Fancy Face. NKC registered $450.00 Just trying to break even so he can get the chance to make the squirrel dog he is bred to be. Double Springs Alabama 205-269-6214
  18. I am looking for a dual purpose mtn. cur. I want a male 4yrs or under. very solid or finished I know they are not cheap if someone has one. If you can help you can contact me @ 423-240-4597. My name is Sam if I don't answer I will call you back. You can also text to that # Thanks for any help.
  19. Very nice pup. He just needs a hunting home. I hope you find him one. Dave
  20. He's priced at $350. Contact: Jess Clemons (317) 498-2006.
  21. I did a quick search and found a title "The Original Mountain Cur: A Classic American Hunting Dog". I couldn't access the webpage because of restrictions placed on my work computer. But there were also some newer books that could be ordered that seemed to be geared toward obedience training and people that maybe don't hunt? Just an assumption though on my part.
  22. That sounds like a good one to add to the library for sure!
  23. I had one but cant figure out for the life of me where i put it!
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