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  2. I have a Mountain Feist she hunts as hard as any I have hunted at her age. She has treed squirrels that I have shot down and even split from an older dog with the meat. I am currently working two pups and we all know that does not work on limited time. She is black and white around 25 lbs and is wired!! She loves a squirrel, has bumped a deer, and would be broke all together if I had a shocker.... she is that smart. She originates out of Mississippi and is out of Grand Squirrel Champion Ol Nig and Pruitt's Jessie. If you are interested in a young extremely promising dog text me for videos of her treeing with other dogs and by herself. I am located in Northern Ohio about 25 miles west of Cleveland. You know where I live so this is where you will have to come to get her. She will cost you $900 with a lot of the work done and pups in excess of $400 she is worth every penny. That being said please don't inquire about her if you are not willing to pay that because she will not leave here for less. Text me with interest or for video 440-225-0451
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  4. Was sold but due to things being shut down we couldn’t get him to where he was needing to go so he’s still here. OMCBA Male. Bred real well. 6yr old...coming 7Tan with white trim, smaller dog, 32-35 pounds. Hunts on the run, stays busy. Has ranged out about 200 yards or so for me, he would probably go further at times but I keep him in close. Doesn’t open much out of place, usually when you hear him he’s treed. He comes treed with a locate and then rolls it over to a chop. He has a good mouth, stays treed good, and is accurate. He uses his nose mostly but he does use his eyes some. He also timbers well. He has a great handle, he listens great and is also collar broke. He was said to have been injured as a pup and because of that sometimes when he’s running you will catch him carrying his real leg, it hasn’t affected him any that I can tell. He’s a pretty nice dog. I will show him in the woods and also have references on him if needed. Call or text 276-220-2668 Clintwood Va$1250
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  7. Really nice looking dog! I see the coz blood in him.
  8. DOB 4/15/2019 I have a beautiful young dog that I need to move. He is blue with yellow trim. If you know anything about OMCBA dogs this dogs pedigree speaks for itself. He is a direct son of Little Cain. Little Cain was winning state hunts. A well off person bought him and took him off the circuit. Since then he has resurfaced in hunts. He is being handled by Mario Cavaletto, little cain is about 7 years old. This pup is out of my Kill Joy dog. She is a first class dog. A lot of the pups from this litter are doing really well. I dont have a lot of squirrel around so this has been an issue in starting. He will tree if he's with another dog. I'd like to keep track of him. Id like to possibly breed back to him in the future. I'm asking $300. Or would trade for guns, calves, goats, or sheep. Or?? Don't be afraid to make an offer. Pedigree- baron river sniper, Mt. Jackson, Indian river Jake, Karr's creek coz, Franklin's thunder, Franklin's thunder sport, juke box, juke box Agie, georgetta, mtn. State Apache, hardwood lake Jake, kemmers gold nugget, streaks redman, mtn. State geronimo, bear creek dottie, Smith's streak, toots dale. Many dogs in this pedigree are hall of fame and world champions. Call Jason @ 317-427-8974 preferably 6pm-9pm. Please no calls after 9pm.
  9. Love the looks of that pup!
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  11. With this special you get a Market Place Page and a Forum Banner for 1 year.


  12. That’s some nice looking kennels.
  13. Two dog kennels 6’x3’x3’ runs with 3’x3’x2’ dog boxes on the end. Brown metal roof on all. Coated wire and all treated wood on runs. Rotating stainless steel water and feed bowls. $325.00/each.
  14. Good looking pup.
  15. Good looking pup.
  16. I have a 8-9 month male treeing Feist he is Streak top and Champs/McAndrews bottom. I started this male this past winter and he uses all senses. In the last few months I haven't had time to get him out of the pen. I am selling because I just don't have time. I don't get on the board much so text me @ 662-934-8312 located in North Ms around Tupelo
  17. With two collars-expandable to six. Have chargers and cradles for six collars. Good condition and everything works as it should. 300.00 Ph.304-584-4406 NCWV.
  18. Will take 350 for the bundle. Handheld stays at 200$ if sold separately. Collars I will sell for 90$ a piece. Will listen to all trades, but would have to be something I want or need that is at least close to the value of this system. I would even consider a pup if it was out of proven squirrel dogs and natural tree dogs. I have chargers for the collars and a long range antennae for the hand held. God Bless and thanks for looking.
  19. I will text a picture to anyone that inquires. Looks more like a golf cart when I try to upload on here or says file to large. Thanks Big Oak
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