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  3. I’ve had them a few years in the tool box. Worn maybe 5 times. Light and flexible about like Carharts. No tears or rips, zippers work fine. $100
  4. these pups blood line is hy style cadillac jack suped up super sport joe black ole tom tucker
  5. These pups have some of the best known bloodline in their pedigree. If you are looking for a squirrel dog that will make an excellent tree dog, these pups are for you. The spotted one is spoken for. Located in NE Kentucky. Call 606-474-9915. Price $350
  6. I have a few pictures and videos of him that I can text you but be serious before asking.
  7. He be one in June. Only been hunted alone. Treed probably 30 or so squirrels the last couple months of season. He was NOT consistent yet by no means. Hunts hard at times but not always yet. Trees pretty hard on most Trees but not all. Loves a coon but never coon hunted. Hasn't been out of the kennel since end of January. Just a STARTED pup. Very friendly and personable dog. I want 600 dollars for him and that is more than fair. I've described him to the best of my ability so be easy with ridiculous questions please. Joe Levan 937-407-7498
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  9. This dog is bred good. Ladner blood and the Hillis are good (also Ladners) especially that Texas Flash dog.
  10. I have a NKC registered Yellow Black Mouth Cur gyp. She is 5 years old and will tree squirrels on her own in the yard and in the woods, she does not hunt far when we have taken her. She is not tuned up and has not been hunted in some time and needs more hide shot out to her. (We do not consider this dog to be a finished dog.) She can and has raised us two litters of beautiful puppies. She also aggressively showed interest on a cage coon in the yard when we were working hounds once before but never continued working that direction with her. We would like to find her a great home where she will be hunted. She is great around younger kids, easy to catch, and has a good mouth. ($400) Located in Mount Pleasant, Tx. (903)-573-0720 text/call
  11. can you text me some pictures ? (803)320-4431
  12. i guess that fad is over. no interest
  13. back in the day when hunting squirrels with a .22 pistol was popular I carried a Ruger Mark II ( i think thats what it was anyway🤔 , long gone) somehow these got left behind and need a new home. i have two pistol scopes for sale or trade. silver one is a 4power Swift with mounts the other is a 2 1/2 power Bushnell. Swift is “like new” Both for $75 text me for pics. 615-415-1059
  14.  Have a friend that is looking for a good jump and track dog for rabbit hunting 

  15. Call 317 498-2006 if interested.
  16. He hunts good; I just don't have the woods available close by for hunting. He has treed with other dogs. And he gets along well with my other three dogs. $400
  17. Brindle female and dark brindle male. $800 each. All these young dogs need is to be put in the woods with squirrels. (DOB 5/11/2020). Call 317 498-2006 or email judy.clemons@yahoo.com.
  18. Title pretty much says it all, looking for a used MEC 16 and/or 20ga. Sizemaster if anyone has one collecting dust. I would also consider other MEC loaders in 16 or 20 gauge. Thanks! Bob
  19. Rose has gone to a new home. The great thing is that she will be taken care of and hunted by a young hunter and his father who is a good friend of mine and she is still close by. Thanks. Regards, CaneCreek
  20. Hello everyone. I am looking to raise a litter of pups out of my female Feist. She is coming 6 years old. She goes back Kelley's super sport. She is a good pleasure squirrel dog. I am located in central WV. I understand that there will be a stud fee. If there is anyone close who has a male dog that they would be willing to breed to my female please feel free to contact me. 304-561-5186. God bless Chris
  21. Work has dictated that I must get rid of my Buckley feist female pup. I picked her up on 30DEC2021 from Mr. Jack Buckley and between work and the weather have had barely a half a dozen weekends to put her in the woods. She is coming 5 months old, house broke, and will walk on a lead. I will try to post pictures of her here shortly. I sure would like to see her go to a hunter. Especially a young hunter. Y'all may have seen my couple of post on here about Rose. Thanks. Regards, CaneCreek Troy Calliham Waterloo, SC
  22. Good looking dog. To post a video on here I have to upload to YouTube and then post the link here
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