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  • Tender & Tasty Squirrels

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    • Ingredients:

      see above

      Prep Time: 30 mins Cook Time: 2- 2.5 hrs

    This recipe will make even big fox squirrels very tender:thumbup:

    4-5 squirrels cut up in pieces

    dry well, roll in buttermilk or egg wash

    Roll in flour seasoned with what you like (Cajun, cavenders, Mortons season all ect)

    Brown on both sides over medium heat, brown only, not until done!!!

    Put pieces on a plate that will fit inside of your crock pot. It ok to stack pieces if necessary.

    Put 1 inch water bottom of crock pot then find small saucer that will fit in bottom, place plate of squirrels on top of saucer.

    Idea is to steam the squirrels, not let come in contact with water.

    Put setting on high, leave for 2 hrs-.

    After 1 hr, batter will be gummy if touched, after 2 hrs it will be just like KFC original recipe.

    Serve with what ever you like.

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    This was a really good way to cook em. I’ve done it twice now.  For the most part mine fell off the bone. However I did have an old grey boar squirrel who’s meat was a different color than the rest when I cleaned em and he was tough as boot leather. In the future I know when I see one like that he can go straight to the dogs. Other than that it was great. I seasoned my flour with tony chachere’s and black pepper. Will be doing it this way from here on out. 
    Do not try to pull this off late of an evening as it took me nearly 3 1/2 hours before they were done. Start about 2 if you want to eat at a decent hour. 

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