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  1. This was a really good way to cook em. I’ve done it twice now. For the most part mine fell off the bone. However I did have an old grey boar squirrel who’s meat was a different color than the rest when I cleaned em and he was tough as boot leather. In the future I know when I see one like that he can go straight to the dogs. Other than that it was great. I seasoned my flour with tony chachere’s and black pepper. Will be doing it this way from here on out. Do not try to pull this off late of an evening as it took me nearly 3 1/2 hours before they were done. Start about 2 if you want to eat at a decent hour.
  2. Will_P

    Free Dogs

    I have two male dogs I would like to re-home to someone that just wants a house pet or a yard dog. One is a 2 year old and listens very well. He is an older mans dog because he is very laid back. The other dog is a year old and is more of a young persons dog because he is wide open from the time he opens his eyes u til he closes them. Both of these dogs have defects but are very friendly and not ill in anyway. The 2 year old male has a heart problem (pericardial effusion). The 1 year old dog is deaf. He understands some hand signals and minds when wearing an e-collar with the vibration setting. if you know anyone looking for a pet shoot me a message
  3. Where did you find the coated wire?
  4. Will do brother, I appreciate the contact info

  5. Will thanks for adding me as a friend. If there is anything I can help you with or you just wanna talk dogs gimme a buzz

  6. Yessir. I think in the long run you will be glad that you decided to keep her. It just takes a little effort on our part to let them become what they were bred to be. Be sure to save enough vacation to be able to take some days off this winter to come enjoy the Ozarks of Missouri!

  7. Thank you Will_P for your friendship. It was great to talk to you. I loved hearing your stories and thank you for your part in my decision to keep Piper. :)

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