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  • Fried Green Maters

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    • Ingredients:

      3-4 green maters

      Sr flour

      Sr corn meal



      Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: 10 mins


    I had a storm come thru last sunday, laid a tree on my house, we gonna recover from that but the really bad news is it laid a tree over 6 of my tomato plants, they were full of green ones, i couldnt stand the thought of them going to waste. So i picked em and been making fried green tomatoes, when i was younger, I didnt care if they ever got ripe. But now i got a rule , cant fry one till i pick the first ripe one :roflmao:. Well, they a common thing here in Mississippi, but for folks that live in areas they not common, you missing a treat:thumbup:.

    If you want to try them, pick the maters that are solid green, that the best.

    here is what i do with them.!!!

    slice the tomatoe  top and bottom off, kinda core out the top.

    cut in 1/2 top to bottom.

    lay flat side down and slice about 1/4 in thick

    pour corn starch in ziplock bag, add maters, shake to coat well.

    pour buttermilk and egg in bowl, mix well, add mater slices to coat.

    mix 1/2 Sr flour and 1/2 SR corn meal to bag

    put  corn starch coated, dipped in buttermilk/ egg into flour/cornmeal mixture and coat well.

    fry in vegetable oil, or what you have till golden brown at 350  degrees, 

    remove form oil when brown, season with your favorite cajun seasoning, or salt and pepper.

    We really eat them often in season, hope you enjoy them

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