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  1. Big Oak, if you will put your mailing address on here or text me your full name and mailing address, I will send you $110 cash through the mail for your knife. Since I do like "TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEING HOUND's" I will put this one up with the one I already own that is similar to it that Mr. Eddie Wilson gave me several years ago. Money is only a tool to use to get something that we want that we do not have. LOL Keep the knife until you receive my money. I will put it in the mail box as soon as I get your mailing address. Take care and have a great day. Jerry
  2. Levi, if it was not for the "HOUND" that has been bred into your line and my line of Feist in the past, we probably would not have as good a line of Feist as we have today! LOL Most but not all line of "TREE DOGS" started off with some "HOUND" in them, which means, if we do a true DNA test on them today, Hound DNA will show up in our Line of Feist. Levi, that is one reason I do like your Line of Feist so well. I do know what Mr. Dean Wright posted on here in the past about his and his friends breeding program. He was proud to tell about the Great Treeing Walker Comp dogs that was in their bree
  3. He is a good looking male Feist. It was good talking to you again and I am glad you are back in better health. Life can and will throw us a curve that we have to work through and the older we get the longer it takes us to recovery. I know you told me most of the pups were already sold but I did text Mr. Harry Nolen this morning and told him to check your pups out he might be interested in buying them. Take care and have a great day. Jerry
  4. LT, before I gave you that pup, you would call me often when you were traveling to Kentucky to Preach at Camp meetings. We would talk for a long time while you were driving up there. You asked me for a pup out of my line of Feist for 2 years before I had enough that I could give you one for free. I gave you and your friend Mr. Delane Wider a male pup each and Delane came to my house and picked both of them up. He got my Rowdy dog that I own and hunt at this time and he got your pup that day. I had to call Delane to make sure he gave you the pup I sent to you because you never call my number ag
  5. After seeing those 5 pups that looks 100% like my line of Feist, I do think that I know that male pup I gave you is still alive. No breeder can hide the Genetic makeup color and markings that are reproduce off of a line of line bred dogs period! My Old Pistol dog that the top pup looks like in color and marking was that male pup I gave you Grandpa. Mr. Trent's Jack dog that is a pup off Toby and his Rae female looks a lot like that pup in color and marking and it took after its Grandpa in color and markings. The Pistol dog no. 2 that I gave Big Oak was a pup off my Pistol dog No. 1 and he was
  6. LT you may have killed that male pup I gave you out of my Toby dogs and my Little Daisy female that was 90% White with some Black on one side of his head. I do not know and I could care less. That top pup is marked up a lot like my Old Pistol dog and those White dogs are colored up a lot like my Toby dog. Those pups may not have any of that dog I gave you bloodline in them but they show all the colors and markings that they do. That bottom pup looks in color and markings just like my Buck dog which is Toby's Dam full litter mate brother. You made the cross and you know if they are Boggs Creek
  7. You are welcome. Looking back, if you had bred one of your two females to another male out of the same line of Feist your dogs were out of, that was off a different cross that breeder made you bought your females from, you and your family could have made your own cross and y'all would still own a type of Feist like those two y'all had. When anyone finds a line of dogs they like, no matter their breed, they need to stay in that line of dogs as long as they can. Yes that means they may have to breed their own male and female dogs they own to do that. Once that line of dogs are gone "dead" you ca
  8. When Mr. Thornburg sold his last dog: meaning he personally never owned another one of his older Feist or a Feist that he bred and sold pups off of, that was the last or end of his line, the "Thornburg" line of Feist. When the older gentleman you talked to in N. C. bought Mr. Thornburg's Feist from him, the dogs that man bought, bred, and sold pups off of became his Line of Feist that he started them off with by using the Thornburg Feist. He was the "OWNER" of the Sire and Dam that he bred and sold pups off of and his name is on the Reg. Papers as owner of Sire and Dam and they go by his last
  9. I do not know how much you know about breed but if you find a Thornburg Feist today, most of them will have other breed of dogs bred into them at this time different from the ones you have had in the past. I personally have never saw a full blooded Black Thornburg Feist and I have had dealings with them for over 30 years. Yes some of them will have some Black in their color mixed with White and Brown in them. Some of the older ones did come Brown with a Black muzzle on them. Some of them came 95% White with a little Brown in them. I still have a picture of Mr. Thornburg with some of his Feist.
  10. I sent you a PM earlier this morning with the phone number of Mr. Tim Garner who owns and hunts a very good looking and good squirrel dog that is a Thornburg Male Feist that he calls Ace. Tim has a older friend that still breeds and raises the Thornburg line of Feist. I hope the info I sent you will help you get you and your husband a new Thornburg Feist. Take care and have a great day. Jerry
  11. X 2 and thanks for sharing. Jerry
  12. ....... I will give you a young mans name Mr. LP Thornsbury that lives in the upper part of Kentucky that has a good line of proven reproducing Treeing Feist that should make you and your family a good hunting partner and a good house companion. The male Feist "Buck" that LP's son Hunter owns 2 litter mate sisters "Termite and Kay" and his Niece "Ruth" stays in Mr. Turners house some during the winter with him. LP's cell # is 606-624-7969 you can call and talk to him or send him a PM on here. It would be much easier to call and talk to him because I do not think he gets on here much at all any
  13. ....... Ryan if you want to see some of my line of Feist that I have owned during the last 20 years go to pictures and go to page 14. Go down toward the bottom of that page to a post titled 2000 Thru 2020 and a post titled 2010 Thru 2020 that was posted by Luther's Feist. I got Jessee Luther to post those pictures of my dogs on here for me because I do not know how. LOL I still use a flip phone if that tells you anything about me. I am from the old school and I can not do much at all on here. I like the looks of your OMC female and your Feist. Take care. Jerry

    1. new2doo


      Thanks Jerry, I really appreciate it. I'll definately take a look at your pictures. It sounds like you have a lifetime of dog knowledge and I really appreciate learning from guys like you. Have a good night.


  14. ....... Dave I did not want to say anything on here about the 2 dogs I went to Kentucky and got yesterday from Wendell Harrison aka47 on here. I gave him a puppy starter deluxe, a well trained walk and road type female that I called Baby to hunt and start his pups with. Gunner, the full litter mate to King has not been hauled of hunted enough to be truck or gun broke at this age. He did not know what I was doing when I was shooting at the squirrels Toby was treeing this morning. He was nervous and he got right behind me until I stopped shooting. Some time he would put both front feet upon my back while I was shooting. I cut them open and let him eat the heart and lungs out of them when Toby brought them to me. He was gentle when he did get them instead of trying to eat my hand off like some of the ones I have raised and started. I think I can still train him at this age. He has to much treeing bloodline in him to mot tree I personally think. He will bark at a squirrel he sees in my yard or behind his kennel when he sees and hears them om the ground or in the trees moving around. Wendell wanted to keep Baby to hunt when he wanted to go. He does take great care of her so that is all I care at 11 years old. The female I got is a full litter mate to the Penny female I am hunting for my nephew this season. She "Bonnie" is a better looking bigger size stronger built female than Penny is. I hope I can get her and Gunner treeing this season. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

    1. State Line Dave

      State Line Dave

      Jerry I hope they both turn out for you. Dave

  15. ....... Trent I did not want to say anything on here that others could read about the 2 dogs I went to Kentucky and got from Wendell Harrison yesterday. I gave him a very good well trained road and walk dog that I called Baby to hunt and start his pups with. She is a puppy started deluxe! Gunner the male that is the litter mate to your x Sport dog and Dave's King dog has not been hunted or hauled enough to be truck broke or gun broke at his age. He is a good looking thing and acts like he has a lot of since. He minds pretty good so far and he does bark at the squirrels he sees on the ground in my yard or on the ground behind his kennel when he sees or hears them. Wendell and his wife separated and he moved out and he did not have a place were he lived to keep and take care of them so I went and got them. I think I still can train both of them at this age. The female I got is a full litter mate to the Penny female I have been hunting for my nephew this season. The new female Bonnie is a better looking heavier bigger stronger built female that Penny is. She is sharp as a tack in looks and built. Time will tell. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

  16. ....... Wendell I talked to the young man that you gave Ace to yesterday 2 times on the phone and he is excited about training Ace this season. I mentioned something to him that he had to work out with you because I do not have anything to say about it at all. I mentioned to him that you "MIGHT" allow him to take Baby home with him to keep and hunt Ace with until he starts treeing if he would build him another kennel to put her in and if he would take good care of her while she was at his house. You will still own her and get her back when Ace starts treeing. She will help teach Shawn what a squirrel dog is supposed to do when he hunts with her and she will help Ace to start treeing quicker. You will still have your 2 dog to hunt together when you want to go hunting. That way all 4 dogs will get hunted more times this season. Again I just "MENTIONED" this to him, it is up to you and him to work it out or not. Take care and happy hunting. Jerry

  17. ....... I hope you are still having a good season. I want to let you know you are welcome to bring your female down and breed her to any male I own if you still want to when she comes in season this spring. Take care. Jerry

  18. Thanks for adding me as a friend. If I can ever do anything for you please send me a pm on here and I will do whatever I can for you. Thanks again, Jerry

  19. Thanks for adding me as a friend. If I can ever do anything for you drop me a pm on here and I will do whatever I can for you. Jerry

  20. Thanks, the said part is I did know much more about squirrel dogs than I did my Bible until 16 years ago. Now I put all my study into God's Word because that is the only thing that has any eternal value. Thanks again, Jerry

  21. Thanks for adding me as a friend if I can ever be a help in any way drop me a pm on here or give me a call. Jerry

  22. Thanks Tommy for adding me as a friend, if I can ever be a help to you in anyway send me a pm on here and I will do what I can to help. Jerry

  23. I got to go this morning before the rain set in with my Buck pup and he made 6 trees and I got 6 which made 100 for him in 7 weeks. He is my project dog for this year and he just turned 18 months old. He is a littermate to Wilson's Jay that Eddie post on here that I gave him earlier this year. How is your season going great I hope. Thank for asking, Jerry

  24. ... I haven't been messing with her for the last month but at the beginning of next month I will be hunting her with my two older dogs and I think she will start treeing with them. She is doing just fine and has no faults that I can see in her at all. She is just like all young dogs they just need hunted and let them come around at their own pace. Thanks for asking, Jerry

  25. Thanks Jerry for adding me as a friend and if I can ever be a help in any way drop me a pm or give me a call. Jerry

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