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  1. When training pups do you find it better to work one at a time 

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    2. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ....... When you take 2 or more young dogs to the woods at the same time trying to get them started, all they want to do is play with one another instead of learning what you have them out in the woods to learn about the game you want them to hunt for, find, and tree. If you are training 2 or more Beagles/Rabbit dogs/pups at the same time, that is a total different story. They are bred to be a pack type dog, meaning they are bred to run a Rabbit with more than 1 dog at a time. As far as training a squirrel dog no matter its breed, they normally will learn quicker and do better when you hunt them solo. I start all my young pups off at first by hunting them with one of my older better trained dogs until I see them hunting for, finding, and treeing their own game while I am hunting them with my older dog. The young dogs I keep to hunt and train, needs to show me at a early age that they can and will split tree with my older dog and hold their tree under gun and dog pressure. Normally I will go to my old dog that is treed first and shoot out its squirrel to it and then I will go to my young pup that is split treeing with my old dog and shoot its squirrel out to it that it has treed. If they will not, then I will find someone else that wants them to hunt. Once my young dogs shows me it can and will hold its tree under gun and dog pressure, I will hunt it solo from that point on as long as I keep it. Just like Levi said, I like hunting 1 dog at a time because they have to learn how to do everything by themselves if they want to become a well rounded, well trained, squirrel dog one day in the future. Jerry

    3. Lintonwc


      Thanks for the information yes I run rabbit dogs for a lot of years and I would take three at a time and usually had them going by 6 months but they are no where to really run a pack of beagles around where I live anymore. But I still coon hunt with some friends.but the granddaughters won’t to start going to the woods so I’m on the list with southern acres kennel for 2 male feist pups 

    4. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ...... If you have tried to send me anymore PM's on here I have not received any because I cleaned all my PM off of here and deleted them after the last one you sent me that I replied too because they were taking up to much space. Take care. Jerry

  2. Hi Ricky 

    1. Lintonwc


      Hi Ricky what part of sc are you from 

  3. Lintonwc


    Looking for two good blooded fiest puppies in eastern NC
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