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  1. Good morning. This morning when I did my Bible post on here it ask me for my Email Address. I do not have a Email Address and never have had one. My wife signed me up on SDC and used her Email Address which is That is the only Email Address I have to put on here. Take care and have a great day. Jerry

  2. They are all nice looking pups. It is neat to see one come out looking like a pure full blooded Stephens Cur with all the white trim on it. Thanks for sharing. Jerry
  3. Chris, bring that old Yellow and White Feist male that has a little of my old bloodline in it down to my house and "GIVE" it to me and go get you one of those pups and try one out for yourself. Problem solved! LOL That will give you space for one of those pups. Something to think about. Take care. Jerry
  4. Mr. Bevel Ragan started the Ragan Line of Feist off his smaller size Black-in-Tan Hound female that he Bear and Coon hunted over his male Feist he Bear. Coon, and Squirrel hunted. I bought 1 female pup off of that cross and it barked ever breath on a squirrel track just like she barked when she treed a squirrel. She would burn the woods up at a very early age when I first started hunting her. She was very gamy and she would run and bay a Hog as quick as she would tree a squirrel. I gave her to a friend of mine Mr. Lavan McDaniel and he gave her to his Nephew that lived down in S. Ga. During one morning solo walk hunt she bayed 3 Hogs and treed 15 squirrels for him. LOL I also bough a started female off Bevel that same day that did not bark a single bark on track period! She was one of the fastest, hardest hunting Feist I have ever owned or hunted with. She could and did get treed deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep quick! I was a lot younger at that time and she was still way way to much dogs for me to hunt in these hills of N. Ga. When anyone makes a first time cross like that, they do not have a clue what each one of those pups out of that first cross will do when they start training it. Each pup out of the litter may be totally different! Yes most if not all of them will normally tree but some will bark ever breath on a track and some will run any game they get after early in their life. A meat hunter line the man down in S. Ga. that ended up with the female I bought and started, loved her because he enjoyed Hog and Squirrel hunting with the same dog. Dogs like that needs hooked up with a hunter like that so both of them can enjoy hunting together. They are good dogs and they are doing what they were bred to do. Bevel Bear, Coon, and Squirrel hunt his Feist with his bigger size Hounds. Those bigger size Hounds dang sure could not out run them and they did not have anymore grit that his Feist does. They will pull the hair on a Bear and make it climb a tree. And they will bite the butt of a big Hog that they bay also. They are as quick as lighten moving around on the ground when you hunt them. As far as the size of pups you will get off a cross like that, is according to the size of the Hound and Feist you make the cross over. Big Hounds over bigger Feist, bigger pups when grown! Smaller Hound over smaller Feist you will get smaller size pups when grown. Mr. Jerry Arrington started his line of Riverun Feist with a bigger size Reg. Kemmer Cur female over his small 15lb Feist male JD. Off his first cross, all the litter of pups turned out to be bigger size dogs when grown. Females around 35+lbs and males 40+lbs! Yes they were early natural treeing pups but bigger in size! This info may or may not help you but I have owned and hunt pups/dogs off crosses like that. Take care and have a great day. Jerry
  5. Brad those are some good looking pups. My Rusty dog was 1/2 Feist x 1/4 Cur x 1/2 English Red Tick Con Hound and he was the best most natural accurate split treeing pup I have owned or hunted with. He was a 100% solid as a rock stay put treeing pup at 5 months old when Mr. Wayne Cagle raised and started him. Wayne gave him to me when he was 6 months old and I walk hunted him with two good older Feist females I owned, Old Daisy and her daughter Baby from the time he was 6 months old until he was 9 months old when our season ended. At that young age he split treed with one of those 2 females I was walk hunting him with 66 times that I found his squirrel he treed that I knocked out to him. He was a tree dog only, meaning if he saw a squirrel timber out of the tree he was treed up, he never left that tree he was treeing on period. If I did not find his squirrel that he had treed I had to either pick him up and carry him off the tree a good distance or I had to lead him off that tree a good distance or he would go back to that same tree and start treeing again. He was not going to leave that tree on his own after the treed period! He never barked a single bark on a squirrel track that he was working before he treed! When I heard him bark his first bark, I could call him treed every time! I bred him to my Old Daisy female and he has helped reproduce some good stay put early treeing pups. I know you are a Feist man but I think you will like this pup when you are starting and training it. Good luck with it. Take care and have a great day. Thanks for sharing. Jerry
  6. Jerry, I really enjoyed looking at and reading about your dogs from the past 20 years. I really like the looks of that Sport dog. Its's really nice of you to share the sport with others like you have. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      ....... You are welcome. Sport was a real nice Road and walk type dog. I raised, started, hunted, and trained him and during the 6 years I hunted him I knocked out over 1,100 squirrels to him and I knocked out over 1,100 to his full litter mate sister Baby the Black and Tan female in those pictures. The half Black and half White faced male dog was their full litter mate brother that I called Pistol. He is colored up like "Trent's" Jack dog on here that is out of my Toby dog and his Rae female. I like the bigger size Feist because I enjoy road hunting as much as I do walk hunting and they are big enough to do both. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

  7. ....... Ryan if you want to see some of my line of Feist that I have owned during the last 20 years go to pictures and go to page 14. Go down toward the bottom of that page to a post titled 2000 Thru 2020 and a post titled 2010 Thru 2020 that was posted by Luther's Feist. I got Jessee Luther to post those pictures of my dogs on here for me because I do not know how. LOL I still use a flip phone if that tells you anything about me. I am from the old school and I can not do much at all on here. I like the looks of your OMC female and your Feist. Take care. Jerry

    1. new2doo


      Thanks Jerry, I really appreciate it. I'll definately take a look at your pictures. It sounds like you have a lifetime of dog knowledge and I really appreciate learning from guys like you. Have a good night.


  8. ....... Dave I did not want to say anything on here about the 2 dogs I went to Kentucky and got yesterday from Wendell Harrison aka47 on here. I gave him a puppy starter deluxe, a well trained walk and road type female that I called Baby to hunt and start his pups with. Gunner, the full litter mate to King has not been hauled of hunted enough to be truck or gun broke at this age. He did not know what I was doing when I was shooting at the squirrels Toby was treeing this morning. He was nervous and he got right behind me until I stopped shooting. Some time he would put both front feet upon my back while I was shooting. I cut them open and let him eat the heart and lungs out of them when Toby brought them to me. He was gentle when he did get them instead of trying to eat my hand off like some of the ones I have raised and started. I think I can still train him at this age. He has to much treeing bloodline in him to mot tree I personally think. He will bark at a squirrel he sees in my yard or behind his kennel when he sees and hears them om the ground or in the trees moving around. Wendell wanted to keep Baby to hunt when he wanted to go. He does take great care of her so that is all I care at 11 years old. The female I got is a full litter mate to the Penny female I am hunting for my nephew this season. She "Bonnie" is a better looking bigger size stronger built female than Penny is. I hope I can get her and Gunner treeing this season. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

    1. State Line Dave

      State Line Dave

      Jerry I hope they both turn out for you. Dave

  9. ....... Trent I did not want to say anything on here that others could read about the 2 dogs I went to Kentucky and got from Wendell Harrison yesterday. I gave him a very good well trained road and walk dog that I called Baby to hunt and start his pups with. She is a puppy started deluxe! Gunner the male that is the litter mate to your x Sport dog and Dave's King dog has not been hunted or hauled enough to be truck broke or gun broke at his age. He is a good looking thing and acts like he has a lot of since. He minds pretty good so far and he does bark at the squirrels he sees on the ground in my yard or on the ground behind his kennel when he sees or hears them. Wendell and his wife separated and he moved out and he did not have a place were he lived to keep and take care of them so I went and got them. I think I still can train both of them at this age. The female I got is a full litter mate to the Penny female I have been hunting for my nephew this season. The new female Bonnie is a better looking heavier bigger stronger built female that Penny is. She is sharp as a tack in looks and built. Time will tell. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

  10. ....... Wendell I talked to the young man that you gave Ace to yesterday 2 times on the phone and he is excited about training Ace this season. I mentioned something to him that he had to work out with you because I do not have anything to say about it at all. I mentioned to him that you "MIGHT" allow him to take Baby home with him to keep and hunt Ace with until he starts treeing if he would build him another kennel to put her in and if he would take good care of her while she was at his house. You will still own her and get her back when Ace starts treeing. She will help teach Shawn what a squirrel dog is supposed to do when he hunts with her and she will help Ace to start treeing quicker. You will still have your 2 dog to hunt together when you want to go hunting. That way all 4 dogs will get hunted more times this season. Again I just "MENTIONED" this to him, it is up to you and him to work it out or not. Take care and happy hunting. Jerry

  11. ....... I hope you are still having a good season. I want to let you know you are welcome to bring your female down and breed her to any male I own if you still want to when she comes in season this spring. Take care. Jerry

  12. Hello how have you been? I’ve had some health issues but starting to get out some don’t know if you remember me talking to you last fall about my young dog . Well this year has been total disappointment she will not stay on the tree for very long most times I can’t get to her in time she has already left the tree. I’m about to my wits ends with here. She has a none stop motor for hunting. Don’t know what to do any help would be great. She is over a year and a half old now. Thanks chuck

  13. Mr Roper you do not know me, but I wanna thank you for your posts. I spoke to a friend of yours Will_P some the other day. We talked for over an hour. He sure does think a lot of your approach and had nothing but praise for you. I would like to count myself among your online "friends" and look forward to reading more of what you have to say both about squirrel doggin and about our lord ...

  14. I enjoy your posting, admire your devotion and respect your commitment/success in breeding/hunting sqrl dogs. keep up the good work you have made many people happy with your generosity in this sport. Some day I would like to come watch your dogs do their thing, you have sparked my interest.

  15. Thanks for adding me as a friend. If I can ever do anything for you please send me a pm on here and I will do whatever I can for you. Thanks again, Jerry

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