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  1. ....... I hope you are still having a good season. I want to let you know you are welcome to bring your female down and breed her to any male I own if you still want to when she comes in season this spring. Take care. Jerry

  2. Hello how have you been? I’ve had some health issues but starting to get out some don’t know if you remember me talking to you last fall about my young dog . Well this year has been total disappointment she will not stay on the tree for very long most times I can’t get to her in time she has already left the tree. I’m about to my wits ends with here. She has a none stop motor for hunting. Don’t know what to do any help would be great. She is over a year and a half old now. Thanks chuck

  3. ......... Chris he is still where he needed to be and needs to stay for now. LOL I stuck to my word and gave Mr. Turner a chance to come to my house and get him to sell to Will-P like he wanted to do in the past before I was ready to let him go. He did not come and get him, so he is still here for me to enjoy hunting this season. If I tell anyone I will do something. I will always try to do what I say I will do at my timing, not theirs. Take care and happy hunting. Thanks for each reply to this post. My computer is about shot and I only make a post when it will let me. LOL This is my 3rd computer I have went through since I have been a member of SDC. LOL I hope everyone is having a great season and y'all are getting to see some great dog work. Jerry
  4. ........ I made a post on here a few months ago about a strange call I received about my Shorty dog and I said on that post if I ever decided to give him away I would give him to Mr. Richard Turner. Well Richard here is your only chance to get Shorty if you still want him to sell. If you will come to my house and pick him up by Friday Nov. 8-2019 by 12:00 noon he is yours. His NKC Reg. Papers will be in my feed room in the first metal can I keep my dog food in. You do not need to call or text me just come get him by that time. When I tell someone I will do something, I will do it if possible. This free dog applies only to Richard Turner. Jerry
  5. Mr Roper you do not know me, but I wanna thank you for your posts. I spoke to a friend of yours Will_P some the other day. We talked for over an hour. He sure does think a lot of your approach and had nothing but praise for you. I would like to count myself among your online "friends" and look forward to reading more of what you have to say both about squirrel doggin and about our lord ...

  6. I enjoy your posting, admire your devotion and respect your commitment/success in breeding/hunting sqrl dogs. keep up the good work you have made many people happy with your generosity in this sport. Some day I would like to come watch your dogs do their thing, you have sparked my interest.

  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend. If I can ever do anything for you please send me a pm on here and I will do whatever I can for you. Thanks again, Jerry

  8. Thanks for adding me as a friend. If I can ever do anything for you drop me a pm on here and I will do whatever I can for you. Jerry

  9. Thanks, the said part is I did know much more about squirrel dogs than I did my Bible until 16 years ago. Now I put all my study into God's Word because that is the only thing that has any eternal value. Thanks again, Jerry

  10. Thanks for adding me as a friend if I can ever be a help in any way drop me a pm on here or give me a call. Jerry

  11. Thanks Tommy for adding me as a friend, if I can ever be a help to you in anyway send me a pm on here and I will do what I can to help. Jerry

  12. I got to go this morning before the rain set in with my Buck pup and he made 6 trees and I got 6 which made 100 for him in 7 weeks. He is my project dog for this year and he just turned 18 months old. He is a littermate to Wilson's Jay that Eddie post on here that I gave him earlier this year. How is your season going great I hope. Thank for asking, Jerry

  13. ... I haven't been messing with her for the last month but at the beginning of next month I will be hunting her with my two older dogs and I think she will start treeing with them. She is doing just fine and has no faults that I can see in her at all. She is just like all young dogs they just need hunted and let them come around at their own pace. Thanks for asking, Jerry

  14. Thanks Jerry for adding me as a friend and if I can ever be a help in any way drop me a pm or give me a call. Jerry

  15. Joe thanks for excepting me as a friend. If I can ever be a help in any way drop me a PM on here and I will do what I can for you. Thanks again, Jerry

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