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  1. Free to good hunting home. Call or text for more info. (602)818-7509
  2. I have had her posted on here for a couple of weeks and a few people have changed their mind. I’d really like to see her go to a youth hunter. If anyone is looking for a young dog for next to nothing just to keep in the woods and see what happens give me a call. (602)818-7509.
  3. I have a female Black mouth cur that I am wanting to sell to a hunting family:youth hunter or anyone looking for a project. I’ve worked with her a lot and she doesn’t really suit me. She has a great personality and is completely tone broke, gun broke, will load into a dog box, and will tree an easy one by sight. She will be two years old in June. I am not looking to make money on this dog just want to see her go to a hunting home. I also believe she could make a great hog or blood trailing dog if you have any interest in that. I am willing to discuss any kind of price or trade. I have papers
  4. I have a started BMC with puppy papers. She will be two years old this summer. She she is out of Knierims line in Illinois. •She will load •she will tree by sight •she is gun broke •she is tone broke and handles really well •She is not confident in her nose •she still acts very much like a puppy •she can be loud in the kennel I’d be willing to trade for a well bred coonhound pup preferably redbone or a blue English.
  5. Thanks for your reply and your great words just pay the good forward one day.THANK YOU

  6. have you posted anymore hunts on youtube lately?

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