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All cur treeing curs

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I’m very excited about the pups I have coming from two of my curs. I crossed my full male Stephens to my full female Ladner. Both parents are combo dogs with the Stephens being my better coon dog and my female being a better squirrel dog. I did this cross for myself but should have some available. Pups will be NKC registered as treeing curs. I’d like to add that anyone who gets a pup that comp hunts if they win the hunt I’ll give them back what they paid for the dog. Asking 250 for a female and 200 for a male. Please call or text (602)818-7509


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It is a lot of fun to make a 1st time "TRUE HALF OUT CROSS!" You never know what the pups out of a cross like that will look like in color and markings. And you will never know what "GENETIC TRAITS" each pup will get out of a cross like that until you start and train them. I have enjoyed breeding, raising, starting, and training pups out of different type of crosses for a pretty long time now. Each cross reproduces different "GENETIC TRAITS" that is amazing to see naturally come out in their pups when you start them at a young age. Good luck with your cross and I hope you enjoy starting and training the pups you keep to hunt out of it. I agree with you, I think a Cur/Treeing Cur looks best with a docked tail!!! Take care and thanks for sharing. Jerry

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On 4/12/2024 at 6:51 PM, steeler92 said:

Might be unpopular but yes I plan too. I like the look and in my head a cur has a bobbed tail.

Most times when people cross a Stephens they dock the tails. Long tail is breed standard for a Stephens, so if they mix , they dock so there’s no confusion down the line. I mite be interested in a pup, I need a meat dog pup.

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