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  1. You mite wanna leave a phone number also.
  2. I’ve had them a few years in the tool box. Worn maybe 5 times. Light and flexible about like Carharts. No tears or rips, zippers work fine. $100
  3. can you text me some pictures ? (803)320-4431
  4. You might wanna leave a phone number or email address. Be easier for people to contact you.
  5. I liked the Aerohead also. Probate most comfortable boot I’ve worn, after 2 years mine tore where the neoprene met the rubber at the back of the heel. If they still made them I would own another pair.
  6. Levi the newer Lacrosse "Agility" snake boot is rubber and ten times easier than the Alpha's to get off. I took a knife to my Alphas when I tried out my Agility's, I hated getting them things on and off. I had to keep a boot jack in the truck.
  7. Best thing you can do is hunt with both types. If you have a local coon club, go to a hunt or meeting and ask about who has squirrel dogs. Dogmen are dogmen and they will know. I’ve never met a squirrel hunter ( dog) that didn’t enjoy taking other people, especially kids. Your local feed and farm will most likely know who the dogmen are also. The thing about squirrel dog is , you get out of them what you put in them. If your new to training dogs, it’s best to start with a started dog. That will save you time money and frustration. If and when you get to that step, come back on here and ask what to look for, be smart about it. By the way….buy a Chevy
  8. Hey there sir, where bouts you located in the upstate ?

  9. Wondering bout your pups. Do you have any pictures ? Where in West Virginia are you located ? Thanks. I am originally from Cabell county

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