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GSQCH Panther Springs Grimm Treeing Feist pups


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Have 3 treeing feist pups up for grabs. All 3 are females. $400 a pup. $50 deposit required and it will ensure you get a pup. 
check out those pedigrees. 
Y’all have seen videos and pictures of Grimm and some on here have even seen him go in person. These pups won’t last long. 




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Fellows these pup are as good as the come. Just look at the trees dogs in their bloodline full of squirrel dog champions. I have hunted with Grimm and he is a dandy a real squirrel dog. I know you still have put the time in any pup you buy. But you cannot go wrong when you start with this type of bloodline. And Will is top shelf in my book. Good luck getting these pups in hunting homes. Dave 

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