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  1. Here's the real deal. Nice very nice pup. One bred like this one don't come along very often. Good luck Mike getting him in a hunting home. Dave
  2. Sounds like he's a good squirrel dog. Good luck selling him. Dave
  3. I have said this before on SDC. I have never seen a pup I didn't like this old man goes back to the little boy that's still in me. LOL. The pups are very nice and will make someone very happy. Dave
  4. Me to HillBilly. My wife has a brand new pair size 8 that I ordered for her before they discontinued. There out in my shop she has never worn them. I wish I had ordered me a couple of pairs then to. Thanks for your reply. Dave
  5. Levi I have a pair of the Aerohead Lacrosse and love them. I wear them during the hot months. Thanks Dave
  6. I'm needing advice on a great pair of walking boots to hunt hilly places with some rocky soil. There will be small ditches with some water in them, but can probably avoid most water places as I'm talking about hilly places. Would be nice if they can repel and turn water. They need to be stable on hilly ridges and rocky places souls for climbing are all right. Not to heavy I hope. Must be a slip on boot 10 to 14 inches tall. No laces as I don't bend over to good any more to tie a boot. Not worried about snake proof as I'll be wearing them in the winter only. Willing to spend 300.00 to 400.00. Please advise.... Thanks Dave
  7. ....... Dave I did not want to say anything on here about the 2 dogs I went to Kentucky and got yesterday from Wendell Harrison aka47 on here. I gave him a puppy starter deluxe, a well trained walk and road type female that I called Baby to hunt and start his pups with. Gunner, the full litter mate to King has not been hauled of hunted enough to be truck or gun broke at this age. He did not know what I was doing when I was shooting at the squirrels Toby was treeing this morning. He was nervous and he got right behind me until I stopped shooting. Some time he would put both front feet upon my back while I was shooting. I cut them open and let him eat the heart and lungs out of them when Toby brought them to me. He was gentle when he did get them instead of trying to eat my hand off like some of the ones I have raised and started. I think I can still train him at this age. He has to much treeing bloodline in him to mot tree I personally think. He will bark at a squirrel he sees in my yard or behind his kennel when he sees and hears them om the ground or in the trees moving around. Wendell wanted to keep Baby to hunt when he wanted to go. He does take great care of her so that is all I care at 11 years old. The female I got is a full litter mate to the Penny female I am hunting for my nephew this season. She "Bonnie" is a better looking bigger size stronger built female than Penny is. I hope I can get her and Gunner treeing this season. Take care and stay after them. Jerry

    1. State Line Dave

      State Line Dave

      Jerry I hope they both turn out for you. Dave

  8. Levi after talking to you over the last couple of years it didn't take me long to realize two things for sure we have in common. Squirrel dogs and good food. Thanks for the recipe there is nothing I like better than a crockpot cooked meal. Dave
  9. I tried to send you a message. Are you payed up??? Better check

  10. Hey Dave how does the acorn crop look up your way?? Really good down here !! Trent

  11. Hey Dave, I saw your email and replied back on the same email but it looks like it didn't reply. That's fine, if you change your mind just call. If there is anything I can do to help you, just call.

    Your friend, Jerry

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