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  1. Very pretty pups. Good luck getting them in hunting homes. Dave
  2. Your pups are bred to be tree dogs for sure. Good luck getting them in treeing homes. Dave
  3. Very nice pup. He just needs a hunting home. I hope you find him one. Dave
  4. Levi after talking to you over the last couple of years it didn't take me long to realize two things for sure we have in common. Squirrel dogs and good food. Thanks for the recipe there is nothing I like better than a crockpot cooked meal. Dave
  5. I tried to send you a message. Are you payed up??? Better check

  6. Hey Dave how does the acorn crop look up your way?? Really good down here !! Trent

  7. Hey Dave, I saw your email and replied back on the same email but it looks like it didn't reply. That's fine, if you change your mind just call. If there is anything I can do to help you, just call.

    Your friend, Jerry

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