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Cracker X Tia

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Made the Slone's Little Cracker (formerly Luther's Little Cracker) and Luther's Little Tia cross again this morning. Last liter of this cross are making some dandy squirrel dogs. One of which started treeing at around 3 1/2 months old. There was 8 in that liter and from what reports I have gotten back all but 2 are treeing. One of those 2 are mine and she runs them up and timbers them but just isn't barking treed yet. The other hasn't been fooled with a whole lot yet but will tree on the barn cat. These pups are heavy Cadillac Jack bred through Comb's bouncy and have super sport on the dames side as well. Gonna attach willows pedigree a dog from the first cross and pics of both sire and dame. Pups should be here on or around May 21st.







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Jessee that litter of pups will give you something to enjoy messing with when they get here. It is good to see Cracker is still throwing some pups at his age. Good luck with Mama and all the pups. Take care. Jerry

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Jessee I know you made a pretty long road trip with Mr. Gerald "Sam" Bridges up to Ohio to pick up a male pup that he bought off of Mr. Dave Woofter that was out of Roper's Buck and Roper's Penny. Mr. LP Thornsburg and I gave both of those dogs to Mr. Dave and he made a cross over them and he was selling some of the pups and "Sam" bought one of them. When that pup "Jack" was around 5 months old he got hit and killed by a vehicle while Sam was hunting him solo. Before Jack got killed I had made a cross over Toby and Katy and I had given Sam "Precious" before weaning age. When Jack got killed, Sam text me and told me what had happened to him and he told me to keep Precious because he did not want to start off with another pup at weaning age. I know Sam takes great care of his dogs and he spends a lot of one on one time with them year round. At the end of the season I decided I was going to cut back on my dogs so I called LP Thornsburg and asked him did he want Katy back and if he did I would pay a dog hauler to pick her up at my house and deliver her to his house. I know he had her for sell on Face Book for $3,500 when he gave her to me. I wanted to give her back to him if he wanted her and I told him I would give him Magnum to go with her if he wanted both of them. Well he "PRAYED" about it for about a week before he text me back and told me he knew he would not have enough time to hunt them like they needed hunted. I have to say, LP is one of the most honest young men I have ever met!!! He could have got both of those dogs and sold them for a very good price and I know he and his family could have used the money. I thought about it for about a week before I called Sam and told him I would give him Katy if he wanted her. I decided I would keep Magnum and hunt him another season and see how he turns out. I did tell Sam if he decided he wanted to get rid of Katy to bring her back to my house and put her back into her kennel. Katy is a above average Feist female and I hope he enjoys owning and hunting her for several seasons. If all goes according to plans, Sam is suppose to come pick her up one day this weekend. I know I do not get to hunt enough anymore to hunt 3 dogs solo like they need hunted. And I do not like to keep a dog if I can not hunt it like it needs hunted. Sam will be able to hunt Katy more then I will and she is still getting better and better each season she is hunted. Precious and Magnum needs all the one on one hunting I can give them for the next few seasons. Jessee I hope you can get out and catch some of those big old Trout. Take care and good luck when you go. Jerry

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On 3/19/2024 at 1:10 PM, Luther's Feist said:

To reserve a pup you can message me here or call or text me at (276)345-7136


Already have 4 spoken for at this time

Well I have 5 spoken for and am only gonna take 1 more name as of now until I see how many she has and how things go 

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