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Going out of business

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On 8/27/2023 at 2:50 PM, Circle R Kennel said:

Going out of business sale because my health is not getting any better.  Selling cheap- 3 year old female, 23 month old female, and 3 pups.  All NKC Registered Mountain Feist.  Need them gone soon.  Call 606-474-9915 for more info and prices. Located in NE Kentucky.

Sorry to hear you are having health problems at this time and they are not getting any better. Age and health problems will catch up with all of us if we live long enough and we have to stop doing things that we have done for many many years. Our dogs are one of the last things we want to give up but at some point we have to because we cannot take care of them anymore. You have done a great job breeding and selling a great Line of Feist for a long time. Many people "ME INCLUDED" have enjoyed owning and hunting some of your Bloodline of Feist. Every person I have given a pup/young started dog/older well trained dog to during the last 23 years, has owned and hunted some of your Bloodline of Feist. My Bonnie Female that my buddy Mr. Wayne Cagle bought at weaning age that he raised and started and gave to my Nephew Frankie Roper when she was around 8 months old was a direct daughter off your "Black Jack" dog that your raised, started, trained and sold to Mr. Bates when he was 4 years old that became well known in the Comp World as Cad. Jack. Bonnie was the Dam to my male Feist Copper and My female Feist Old Daisy. They were half brother and sisters off 2 different good male Feist Roper's Jay and Veach's Buddy. When I bred Copper to Old Daisy, I doubled up on Bonnie's Genetic Traits and doubled up on your Bloodline of Feist in that litter of pups. My Sport, Pistol, and Baby dogs were off that half brother and half sister cross and they were heavy in your Bloodline of Feist. Again I am sorry that you are having health problems. I will be praying for you that God's will be done in your life. Take care and thanks for letting us know about your health problems and why you are selling all your pups/dogs at this time. Jerry

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