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Tracking Unit

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I’m looking for a tracking system for a young man that just got his first pup. He’s 15 years old so price would be a concern for him. Initially he’ll use my extra collar but eventually he will want his own. 

If you have something please let me know. 

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I just reread your post. I see you are looking for used ones. I agree with Hillbilly stalker, if they are on Facebook they more than likely are a scam. Outdoor dog supply sells used units. With a warranty if I'm not mistaken. 

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13 hours ago, Kentucky sportsmen said:

Is the Dogtra system hard on your phone battery? Does it run it down quick?

My phone is bout 4 years old and it lasts bout 5 hours. I carry a little rechargeable charger for my phone just in case It does go dead.  What area of Kentucky are you from?? I'm in cadiz.  Western Kentucky. 

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