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Feist/Cur Female

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I have a female Cur/Feist that was born in November. She is very energetic and friendly. She is ready to get in the woods this fall. I had her out this spring but she was still wanting to play like a pup does. She is hard to get a good picture of sitting still but attached below is the best i got. She is out my cur female who is papered and out of thundersport bloodlines and the father is feist but is not papered but is one the best dogs i have ever hunted with. $250 obo. Most importantly i want her to have a home with someone who will get her in the woods. Any questions call me at (606)-923-2225. Located in South Shore, Ky F890CAF8-DBC4-4F25-961A-A09A9A2B0B69.jpeg.64a1c7f2fa4f28c1f69b21e802e593c6.jpegD7C3C693-741E-4DB6-B755-081C711AF267.jpeg.93f0c4924bfa6a947e6fdae6a7be34a6.jpeg

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