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NKC Mountain Feist Pups

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I Got a pup from a neighbor that you sent me to years ago .You we’re the one that got me in contact with them .The pups I purchased was out of.I believe Mulkeys Chester Don’t remember the Females she was out of .The Gentleman had a barn out from his home .The best I can recall was just a mile or so from your home .He had both male and female on site.The male had a really blocky head like a bulldog .He was and is the best squirrel dog I’ve ever owned .The other was given away and really wasn’t given a chance .I’ve been to your home twice probably been close to twenty years though .I have a full Kennel right now .And are happy with what I own .But if I was wanting a pup I would sure give one of these a try .You still owned Cadillac Jack the first time I visited you but not the second time .I think you referred to him as blackjack at the time but not sure about that .If you do have any personal information about the line my pup came from I would like to know just for remembrance sake .Thanks Chris 

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