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SDC Contests/Drawings

Contests/Drawings for subscribers of SDC

Details of Drawings
  1. You must be a subscriber on the day of the drawing.
  2. You must be the closest with out going over to the 4 digit number (0000-9999).
  3. Make a post with your 4 digit number in it.
  4. If 2 people pick the same number the person that made the post first will be the winner.
  5. Only posts made on the thread for that drawing will count.
  6. Post must be made before 6:28 pm (Central Time(GMT-6.00)) on the day of the draw.
  • We will use the Tennessee Cash4 number (Evening draw) posted on the Lottery post web site ( Link here)
  • The date of the drawing will be posted in the thread detailing the item. If for some reason there is no Evening draw on the date posted it will be the first evening draw following that date.

Good luck all!

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