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USDR World Hunt

Event details

I just got off the phone with Haywood Nelson. I wasn't positive the SCSHA would be awarded the USDR World hunt this year or not. We were, and it will be held on Dec,13th and 14th.

We will be selling tickets again for a Stainless 10/22. The winner will be drawn out at the world hunt. You do not have to be present to win. I don't have the tickets yet, but when they are available I'll, let you know.

The SCSHA will also be having an NKC hunt on Jan. 17th and another USDR hunt on Feb.21st. Come join us.


The world hunt wil bw held this week-end . Some stuff will begin Fri. We don't know at this time the exact schedule of events. I'll post more when we know for sure.

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