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NKC Tennesse State Youth Hunt

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NKC Tennessee State Youth Hunt will be held in the Natchez Trace State Park at Cub Creek Lodge on December 10th. The following is a list of events:


NKC Youth Squirrel Hunt and Youth Buddy Hunt 7:00 AM deadline


NKC Youth Bench Show and Youth Bench Show


NKC Youth Treeing Contest and Youth Treeing Contest


NKC Youth Hunt $15.00

NKC Youth Bench Show $5.00

NKC Youth Treeing Contest $5.00


All other events and lunch is FREE.


There will be other events and the young'ns will not go home empty handed.


If you would like to assist just let Greg Rader or myself know.


Ideas to help with:


Take a youth cast on a buddy hunt or chaperone a cast (Safety)

Donate prizes.

Donate cash.

This hunt and events are strictly for the youth it is their day we want to make it as enjoyable as we can. We have already recieved a few donations. If any other club or association wants to help sponsor this event let us know..


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