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    At times a few pups 4 sale & when available started dogs.

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  1. Got a few great pups four sale best in breeding  call me 865 882 5425 

  2. PUPS yes we still raise a few got a some now and more in a few days.

  3. thanks for becoming my friend

  4. Thanks for my dog Gunnar, I have to say that you are a good man and stand by your word. Blessings

  5. Hello matthew enjoyed our talk Have A HAPPY NEW YEAR

  6. Happy Birthday yesterday Bill Hope you had a good one Danny 9/10/

  7. Hey bill you let me know when u want to go on a hunt at my hunting lease in sunbright my dog is doing great he has great drive i have been hunting him alot just waiting for the right moment and i think he will get it been seeing plenty of game at our lease my number is 8658501848 suppose to be cooling off good this weekend see ya

  8. Hey Mr. Bill. Just wanted to let you know that Lizzie had 11 pups last night. 2 were stillborn but the others are doing ok today. I bred her to Buddy, he is turning into a real tree dog!! Will keep you informed of how they are doing. Are definatly some of your old blood running through their viens!!


  9. Bill Barger is what my Grandfather would have called "a scholar and a gentleman". He's a great man and fine friend. Got some good dogs too!!!

  10. Hey Bill thanks for your post about Hillbilly Shaq know he is old hope I can get this year out of him. Would like to breed him to the female I got with him. Im new to squirrel dogs seen that Barger is as good as it gets. I was raised with rabbit dogs and still hunting squirrels. I have a bad leg and hoping that I can squirrel hunt these dogs off my four wheeler. Thanks again for your post. Tommy

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