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  1. text your pictures to me if you would like. I will gladly post them for you.

    David Walker    (803) 320-4431

  2. Rose has gone to a new home. The great thing is that she will be taken care of and hunted by a young hunter and his father who is a good friend of mine and she is still close by. Thanks. Regards, CaneCreek
  3. Work has dictated that I must get rid of my Buckley feist female pup. I picked her up on 30DEC2021 from Mr. Jack Buckley and between work and the weather have had barely a half a dozen weekends to put her in the woods. She is coming 5 months old, house broke, and will walk on a lead. I will try to post pictures of her here shortly. I sure would like to see her go to a hunter. Especially a young hunter. Y'all may have seen my couple of post on here about Rose. Thanks. Regards, CaneCreek Troy Calliham Waterloo, SC
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