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  1. I couldn't tell you anymore. I used to have some when I had bear dogs. Al Medcalf on here has a female but I can promise you he won't sell her. He may know where some of that old stock are.

  2. Nope, the more familiar she is with her surroundings the sooner she is likely to start.

  3. That is correct.

  4. No, I went to West Davidson.

  5. No, that means just a few locals that hunt together so they can title their own dogs.

  6. Right at the base of the tree so the dog smells them.

  7. Don't know, I enjoy coon hunting more because I don't have to dodge deer hunters. I think coon hunting will tighten a dog up on the tree if that is a problem.

  8. I think that there should be a basic amount of information required to post in classifieds. It is pinned at the top and I think people should adhere to it. It is nice to click on a persons handle to see where they are from, but if they do not want that information displayed I respect that also. That being said, it is also my choice if I decide to do business with them, which for the most part I won't. What I don't understand is how a controversial post could throw up a warning flag. A difference of opinion does not mean that someone is not reputable. I can think of one person that probably had by far the most controversial posts on this site. He is a good friend of mine, MANY people on this board have had financial dealings with him, and no one has ever said a word about his honesty. Tim
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