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    I have old stock OMCBA dogs. Huntsman, Roaring River, Beaty and Duff's Bob. I like the larger type dog that will get treed and stay there.

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  1. Tim, thanks so much for the information on the GardStar insecticide tags. Already ordered them and gotten them back, and have them on dog collars, again thanks alot. Jerry

  2. I couldn't tell you anymore. I used to have some when I had bear dogs. Al Medcalf on here has a female but I can promise you he won't sell her. He may know where some of that old stock are.

  3. how could a fella find some of these plott dogs you are talking about

  4. Tim, I really like your tailgate shots and hunt stories. It like geating "full cry " article, every time you post.

  5. here is another number that i could never get one from he says he has the old blood and only breeds when he needs one. he is in 70's now. number is 419-394-5953 name is stephen rockwell . i haven't called him in a couple years and don't know if he is alive or not . i hope this helps. larry

  6. Tim Is it possible that i can join sq haters.I comp hunt and they seam to advertize on there more than sq dog central .Some of my dogs are cur and looking for another one now.Thanks Keith

  7. took pearl squirrel hunting w/my kemmer gyp. knocked a coon out, by accident because i was after a squirrel that was treed. the coon hit the ground and the kemmer and coon were tied face and face. pearl was right there too. she was barking away until i got control of her. she knows no fear. eats like a horse. i have high hopes for her.

  8. Nope, the more familiar she is with her surroundings the sooner she is likely to start.

  9. hi tim, the puppy i got from chad, off your tank dog,is doing just find so far. i'm so encouraged by her overall behavior. i took her to the woods last night with the rest of my pack. she goes with them as far as she can. she went swimming the first time i took her out. do you think it's ok to walk her in the woods a little while she young or might that threaten her willingness to ...

  10. Sorry, did not get one from Darrell

  11. Finally found me pup, did get one from Darrell Nickelson, found one in my neck of the woods in Louisville, MS. The pup is out of Briar Mtn. Bud and Lowerys Anne. Lowerys Anne is out of Tree Stylin Mr. Bill and Shilohs Mtn. Doe. I never could get on squirrel haters? I cant get my pics small enough to put anything on here.

    Have a good one

  12. That is correct.

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