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  1. i guess that fad is over. no interest
  2. back in the day when hunting squirrels with a .22 pistol was popular I carried a Ruger Mark II ( i think thats what it was anyway🤔 , long gone) somehow these got left behind and need a new home. i have two pistol scopes for sale or trade. silver one is a 4power Swift with mounts the other is a 2 1/2 power Bushnell. Swift is “like new” Both for $75 text me for pics. 615-415-1059
  3. Lacrosse also are my best boot. But , not only are they tough to get off but I’ll wear a hole in the backs of my socks above the heel in one hunt. So, I wear athletic low ankle high socks most of the time. Love the fit and traction otherwise
  4. Oh boy, he’s looking right at you for a new home😀
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