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    Hunting, fishing, shooting, gunsmithing.

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  1. I think his grin is getting a little bigger every time you guys go out!
  2. I hope you get that pup....at least it will be in the Ozarks...Lee....ps let me know if you get it

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    2. BobT



      I'm in a little Town called Viburnum, 100 miles or so south west of St. Louis. I like Arkansas, have been down there a few times and always enjoyed myself. 

    3. MOUNTAIN MAN 1959

      MOUNTAIN MAN 1959

      Maybe down the road we can plan a hunt...Lee Fairchild 

    4. BobT


      I would enjoy that!

  3. BobT

    Mnt Cur

    Hey Steeler, I'll text you in the morning, interested!
  4. Title pretty much says it all, looking for a used MEC 16 and/or 20ga. Sizemaster if anyone has one collecting dust. I would also consider other MEC loaders in 16 or 20 gauge. Thanks! Bob
  5.   Mr. Dave Woofer bred Buck and Penny yesterday so it will be around 58 to 63 days before they will be born. Then it will be 6 more weeks before they will be weaned and ready to go to their new home. If you are interested in one of them call him and get on the list first. Take care. Jerry

    1. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      Bob, Dave lives in Ohio and he has posted some pictures of Buck and Penny on Face Book according to what I have been told if you want to see them. Jerry

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