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  1. Mr. Oak,

    See that you've got my check and I can now post freely.  I've been lurking here for a few weeks, gathering information on Feist dogs.  You seem to be one of the most active fellows on this forum--so I thought I would touch base with you about a few questions I have.

    I'm in Pennsylvania, the N. West corner, and have been walking the woods with my current dog, a Feist looking beagle mix that's about 10 years old.  She's a good hunter, HATES squirrels, and will climb a tree to get at them!  But she got gun shy after being stuck at a fireworks display one July fourth, a year back.

    I have met a good guy up here who runs a a couple of Curs for squirrel, and we hunted a while and my Molly fell in with those Curs like she belonged.  I'm thinking if I can get her out with another dog that was treeing with her, and the excitement was high--we could knock one or two out for her, and she could remember that the gun is her friend.

    So I'm looking to add another dog to the household.

    I'm thinking a Feist, because I'm told they work closer than Curs and stay quiet until they're on to a squirrel.  I'm also told that they make good companion dogs--which is very important to me.

    Coupla questions for you:

    1.) Basic Feist obedience.  Because of my work schedule, I often hunt in short spurts.  Two or three hours at a time.  Because of this, and the grounds where I hunt, I can't have a dog like a Redbone or Beagle that runs off, following their nose, and won't come when called back.

    Will a Feist generally come when called, even if hot on a tree?  Will extra obedience training take care of this?

    2.) For the same reason, I need a dog that will work a little closer than my friend's Curs.  They roll out to 250 yards on the regular, and I need a dog that will work out to about 100-125 yards.  Do Feists work a bit closer than Curs?

    3.) I see that most of the folks on the forum are more to the south and west of me.  Do you know of any folks hunting Feists in or near PA?  

    4.). Because of my work schedule, I'm looking for a young, "started" dog.  A started dog would really stretch my budget, but in all honesty, with work and other responsibilities, it wouldn't be fair to a new pup.  I haven't seen many "started" dogs being offered-- are there Feist guys that have started dogs for sale on a regular basis?

    Thanks in advance for your time, and I'm looking forward to being a member of your community. 




  2. Scott,

    My name is Don.  I'm a recent subscriber here--looking to learn about hunting these Feist dogs.  I saw your post from Sept. about some pups for sale, and know that's it's been a while, but are there any male pups left?

    I'm in NW PA--so not too far from you, I reckon.

    Do you have any pictures?  Or pics of the Sire and Dam?


    Don Shake.

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