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  1. Mr. Clif do you have any contact info for Mr. Bates?
  2. Thank you spec and God Bless!
  3. Tried uploading papers pic, no success if interested i can text them to you
  4. Thinking about breeding my omc dog. Shes 4 years of age. She's not a top notch tree dog, but that's my fault life got busy during her pup years. Anyway she will tree squirrels, but she will kick off tree, seems everytime I have to get her worked up then she hammers on it non stop. I've owned a lot of different breeds of dogs in my life. This dog is by far the most intelligent I've owned. She was bred once before approximately 2 years ago. She raised all 9 pups. I was able to keep up with 5 of pups. 3 we're treeing by 5 months old and two were used on hogs. If interested I would prefer someone in Arkansas or close. Text only due to work 501-548-8241. Not sure how to upload pic of paperwork she is heavy thundersport bred/2020 Thank you and God Bless Be blessed in Jesus Christ precious wonderful name!
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