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  1. Good looking pups no doubt. I hope you have good luck with them
  2. Outta make some fine dogs. Wish you were closer!
  3. Drafts

    Barger Feist

    Good luck and safe travels!
  4. Sent you a message
  5. Drafts

    Dog box supplies

    I have a decent aluminum dog box with top storage that I’ve been using for a while. It suits my needs pretty well. Other than it needing some more vents. I know I can buy the circle shaped vents for around $10 a piece, but would rather have the bigger slide style vents. Anyone know where I can buy the vents? I’ve seen on the internet I can buy them for anywhere between $45-110 but thought I would ask before purchasing. Any help or other ideas would be appreciated. I live in the middle of South Carolina so yall can understand the need of maximum air flow most of the season. Thanks in advance!
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