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  1. Jim send me a PM on here with your No. and I will text you my info. Take care and have a great day. Jerry

    1. Roper's Feist

      Roper's Feist

      Several different people from Ohio and the surrounding states that is on Face Book with Mr. Jessee Luther has been reading about and seeing some pictures of my X male Buck Feist dog and my X female Penny Feist dog treeing some squirrels while their new owner is enjoying hunting both of them one at a time. Mr. Dave that owns them and Mr. Luther will not give anyone my info because I do not sell my dogs or normally stud my dogs out. Mr. Dave is 73 years old and he has been breeding his own line of English Blue Tick Coon dogs ever since the 70's. He still owns and hunts 2 of his females Hounds he raised and trained at this time. He was looking for some Fiest that he could enjoy hunting in Ohio at his age. He has owned a few Feist in the past that he said hunted deeper than he wanted his squirrels dogs to hunt at his age today. Jessee Luther and Dave have been friends on Face Book for some time now and Jessee gave Dave my info so we could get to know one another. After talking with Dave on the phone I decided to help him get Buck and Penny to squirrel hunt with this season. He liked Bucks looks at first because of his "PRICKED" ears better than he liked Penny's looks because of her "COCKED" ears. LOL  Now Dave is a 100% Hound man saying this about the looks of the ears on 2 different Feist. LOL After he took Penny hunting her first time and she treed 5 squirrels that he saw, he said she looked just as good as Buck did when she was upon the sided of the tree, Treeing Mr. Squirrel. LOL He said her Cocked ears stood up perfectly straight just like Buck's Pricked ears did when she was treeing. I was squirrel hunting myself that morning when I got 2 miss calls form Dave after his first hunt with Penny. He could not wait to tell me how well she did for him her first hunt. He said, when he turned her loose she got treed as quick as a cat could lick its butt. She did not scratch around and pee on everything like Buck did the first time he turned him loose. He said, I think I like Penny better than I do Buck as far as the way she gets gone and gets tree so quick when he turns her loose. He also said, he had always been partial to "FEMALES" because normally they are all business when he turned them loose to go hunting. It is always good to talk with someone I give my Feist to or help them get some of my Feist that knows how to hunt them and what to expect out of them when they are Pleasure hunting them. He said, Buck and Penny both has a home as long as they live or as long as he lives. Buck's Sire is my Sport dog and Penny's Dam is my Baby female. Sport and Baby were full litter mate brother and sisters off my Copper and Old Daisy Feist dogs that were half brother and sisters. My Bonnie Fiest female that was a direct Daughter off the famous Cad. Jack male Feist were both of their Dam. Dave did say, when Penny came into season he was breeding her to Buck and try to raise and train a pup or two out of them while he is still young enough to train them. I wish Dave all the luck in the world with both of them. They are his to enjoy breeding and hunting as long as he has the health to do both. Thanks for reading. Now y'all know why this man is wanting my info. Take care and have a great day. Jerry

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