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  1. So Saturday we were out hunting hard, little Piper and me. I was honestly beginning to lose hope. I have walked so many miles with this little dog and nary a peep out of her. She's running around in the woods with her tails and ears up. She appeared to be hunting hard... but did she know what she was hunting for. Miles and miles of hunting with zero action. What was the deal? Does this dog just not have it? These are questions I kept asking myself. I was thinking to myself that I know the...

  2. I hope to get Piper out with my cousin's Laika this upcoming weekend. His dog is a great squirrel dog but he doesn't truly tree. He sits at the tree, circles, and barks all while looking up but doesn't get up on the tree and stay put.

  3. Piper has been in heat for about two weeks now. I didn't mark the calender of the exact date but I know I'm tire of the diaper changes. lol Piper does stay in the house!

  4. Sure wish I lived closer to you. We are about the same age and I'd love to run one of my pups with Ol Hank! Thanks for the story and pictures.

  5. Hey Larry! Just wondering what parts of Indiana do you hunt?

  6. Thank you for adding me as a friend Curtis!

  7. Wow, a direct son of Cadillac Jack... that seems to me as a newbie to be a rare thing. I wouldn't guess there are many of those left. Again, sorry for your loss.

  8. Piper is doing well with basic commands. She sits on command. I make her sit before giving her treats or allowing her to eat. She is doing wonderful with the family and around the yard. I haven't had her on squirrels again since the park episode. I have been busy building cornhole boards for my son's upcoming wedding and for a couple of friends. I am ready to be done with this project. lol My next project is building a squirrel trap and roll cage. It is supposed to be mid 90's and...

  9. Mr Smith, Mr Roper gave me your name and told me that you were knowledgeable about the Baldwin line of Feist. I am very interested to know more about em. I have a pup that I'm told has Baldwin blood. If you get a chance to look at her pedigree, I sure would appreciate it. Any info you can give me would be much appreciated.

  10. I watched the youtube video on the roll cage and trap. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Tom

  11. Tom thanks for adding me as a friend. If there is anything I can help you with just let me know.

  12. Mr Roper you do not know me, but I wanna thank you for your posts. I spoke to a friend of yours Will_P some the other day. We talked for over an hour. He sure does think a lot of your approach and had nothing but praise for you. I would like to count myself among your online "friends" and look forward to reading more of what you have to say both about squirrel doggin and about our lord ...

  13. Thank you Will_P for your friendship. It was great to talk to you. I loved hearing your stories and thank you for your part in my decision to keep Piper. :)

  14. Ben I appreciate your comments and inquiry. I see you're friends with Will_P. I'd appreciate adding you as a friend as well!

  15. It's 93 degrees today. Season doesn't open here in Indiana until August 15. I am looking forward to the leaves beginning to fall so my pup can start seeing some good squirrel action.

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