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  1. can I copy & paste this on my facebook page.

  2. Ben I appreciate your comments and inquiry. I see you're friends with Will_P. I'd appreciate adding you as a friend as well!

  3. Ben good to have you on board.. i have preached since 1977. Baptixt faith.. i do hope you find a good dog line you will love to hunt.. larry

  4. Your Dad says you and I need to talk. He said you work long hours, call me when you can 660-663-5267.


  5. Ben glad to see you on here and posting. I can see you are also a man of God. I don't always respond to those post like you and Jerry have been making but I do read them daily and appreciate the time you all put into posting them. I added you as a friend this morning and if you ever want to talk dogs or anything else just give me a ring or text

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