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  1. oops, Didn't realize that you have two litters. We were looking at the litter between Blade and Fancy. Thanks.

  2. Hey, do you still have one of the female pups left? We live near Fairmont, WV. Looking for a pup for my husband and had showed him the pics of the two females you had left. I seen where Female 3 was sold. We liked Female 4. Thanks for the information.

  3. Enjoyed talking dogs with you.

  4. Hey call me 3048076708

  5. Bobby has not picked his pup yet do

    you have one that you are looking at?

    See you at Jamestown.

  6. hey can you e-mail me those pictures of your blue pups. i try to print them from your post but couldn't. my e-mail is slee1951@att.net

  7. Bob, I am very pleased with the ringneck female pup. I am glad I got her before someone else walked up. Got her home last night and she is fine. Thanks, David

  8. Bob the pup out of Goldie ansd Cain is treeing already, they sent me a tex a couple days ago.

  9. pups are lookin good, can't wait till i get my female pup from you

  10. nice hunt for a hot day pup i got from you bayed and treed a possum in cage not bad for 10 weeks

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