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    Hunt and fish almost everything, Coon and squirrel hunting with dogs top priority

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  1. Fred, I commented on your post about calling you tomorrow about the little feist you were giving away. Someone may have beat me to the punch, if so still thank you for a chance to get him. Please let me know if it does not work out for that person and thanks for accepting my friend request. Joe Stephens.

  2. ... I haven't been messing with her for the last month but at the beginning of next month I will be hunting her with my two older dogs and I think she will start treeing with them. She is doing just fine and has no faults that I can see in her at all. She is just like all young dogs they just need hunted and let them come around at their own pace. Thanks for asking, Jerry

  3. Fred if I can ever be a help in any way give me a call or drop me a word on here I will do whatever I can. Thanks again for Cotton, Jerry

  4. Hey Danny..hope all is well, I know I'm ready for cool weather! Good luck this fall....


  5. The Jones County Coon Hunters Club will hold it's fourth annual Youth Squirrel Hunt of Feb. 18, Round Oak, Ga. Grab a kid a come see the dogs work. Food at 1:00 P.M. Then hunt till dark...guides provided... always can use somemore good dogs. Call Joe Johnson 706-468-8339, or Fred Bright 478-742-3256
  6. Gray, Georgia ...478-742-3256
  7. The Ga. Small Game Assoc. & Jones Co. Coonhunters Club will hold an afternoon Squirrel Hunt for the kids to go along. Any age is welcome, and adults. This will be the third one they have had, and 21 kids last year. Food will be served at noon, pictures and then off to the timber. Bring us some dogsl, we almost ran short last year..Contacts and more info as the date gets closer...call Lavan Mc. or Fred Bright 478 742 3256 and come join in the fun. Fred
  8. Hey Folks, This will be the second Youth Sq. Hunt, held by the Jones Co. Coon hunters Club, Gray, Ga. We need you and your dogs to help us out, last year we had a dozen kids, and had enough guides, etc....but we may need some help this year, as more say they are coming. Lavan will have somemore details this week, but put Feb. 21. (Sat.) on your calander and come if you can...be sure to bring along a youngster...lunch at noon and then an afternoon hunt...no compitition just good fun with the kids and a few shooters...Fred (478) 742-3256 Thanks.
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