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  1. Hello oak don’t know if you remember me I have talked to you on here a lot in the past. I’ve had 4 dogs now 2 curls 2 fiest none of them would stay on the tree some stayed at least until I got there most of the time. This black mouth curri have now about 5 or 6 barks and she is gone she was 9 months old last year when I got her and had never been in the woods I hunted her hard January through April she started to tree pretty good by sight only well this year I’ve been hunting her hard since the leaves got off well 5 or 6 barks and she is gone can’t get too her most of the time before she is gone from the tree I’m so disappointed I just want a dog that I can go to the woods and kill some squirrels. What am I doing wrong? I would buy a finished dog but I don’t have 5000.00 for a dog. People tell me pick a good bloodline well there are 100s of blood lines plus some pure crooks that have dogs. Sorry for the long message just so disappointed. Any help would be great

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