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  1. Hey

    Mr Damrom --hope you have hem Cur's in tune for the season.it is here .no time to linger- Good Luck to you

  2. Don't really matter if you put your phone number or not cause 2/3 of the people will try to buy it using PM's, I recently put a rifle on Classifieds and got over 10 different PM's asking me all about it , would I take less and etc. instead of picking up the dang phone and calling However I agree that there should be curtain things filled out in your profile in order to post in Classifieds. I disagree that since some don't fill in all the blanks then they have something to hide.
  3. The 2007 OMCBA World Hunt will be held in Jamestown, TN on Nov, 30 and Dec, 1st.
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