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  1. Will take 350 for the bundle. Handheld stays at 200$ if sold separately. Collars I will sell for 90$ a piece. Will listen to all trades, but would have to be something I want or need that is at least close to the value of this system. I would even consider a pup if it was out of proven squirrel dogs and natural tree dogs. I have chargers for the collars and a long range antennae for the hand held. God Bless and thanks for looking.
  2. Still have will try to post a pic later on.
  3. Will consider working a trade to .22 rifle or .410 shotgun. I will also split sell the handheld for $200 and each collar $100 a piece.
  4. Garmin Astro 320 with 2 DC-40 collars all used but they work. I'll take $400 for the whole bundle. Located just outside of Hodgenville, KY send me a PM if interested. God Bless and thanks for looking.
  5. I have had alot of interest in a short time but I am getting cold feet. I am going to just try and hunt her as much as I can and let her out of the pen when I am doing yard work. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Looking to move on from this pup and would like to see her go to some one who has a little experience and will give her a chance. She is about 11 months old and yellow in color. She is the look of a treeing fiest. She trees on easy ones in the yard and goes hunting in the woods and checks back in. Close hunter about a 100 yards or so, hasn't treed one in the wild yet. Make me an offer it won't take much to get her to someone who will give her chance. I am more into my Beagles and if I get a squirrel dog again it will be one that is well started or finished. Call me or text two7zero-seven6five-8fourzero4. I can send pictures. Thanks for looking and God Bless.
  7. Do you still have these?
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