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    South Central Pennsylvania
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    My interests include all types of hunting and fishing for native trout in remote mountain streams. I like fast, hot-nosed dogs that handle like a lab or border collie. I enjoy hounds but they do not fit into my current work schedule. The elkhounds seem to suit my needs. The spitz dog is nice but needs more attention than I can give.

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    Dwayne Northcraft
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    Norwegian Elkhound
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    Squirrel and coon
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    I have a one acre training pen full of mature oaks. I would recommend a training facility to any squirrel or coon hunter. It just seems to be the closest thing to allowing a dog to run lose on a farm. If anything, I think it is better because I am in control of the dog's experiences.

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  1. Hello Dwayne I hunt fiesta dogs I did hunt elkhounds years ago I would like to have one if I could find. One my number is3043827083

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