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    South Central Pennsylvania
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    My interests include all types of hunting and fishing for native trout in remote mountain streams. I like fast, hot-nosed dogs that handle like a lab or border collie. I enjoy hounds but they do not fit into my current work schedule. The elkhounds seem to suit my needs. The spitz dog is nice but needs more attention than I can give.

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    Dwayne Northcraft
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    Norwegian Elkhound
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    Squirrel and coon
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    I have a one acre training pen full of mature oaks. I would recommend a training facility to any squirrel or coon hunter. It just seems to be the closest thing to allowing a dog to run lose on a farm. If anything, I think it is better because I am in control of the dog's experiences.

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  1. Looking for an elkhound. My family always kept an elkhound around growing up and had many litters from WV stock but living in Michigan. Thought you may be able to point me in the direction of someone who may have one. Appreciate it. -Michael 517-927-4126

  2. Those are fine looking dogs I live in southwest virgina was raised with elk hounds but I cannot find none around do you no anybody close to me that raise or sells them

  3. Hello Dwayne I hunt fiesta dogs I did hunt elkhounds years ago I would like to have one if I could find. One my number is3043827083

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