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  1. can I copy & paste this on my facebook page.

  2. hello James i hope all is well with you and yours. larry

  3. great looking feist in your avatar

  4. anybody that likes or makes bluegrass music is a friend of mine

  5. Hey. Thanks for your comment, do you know how to add friends on this site?

  6. good looking feist you have.

  7. may you have a great & safe hunting this season

  8. anyone that likes bluegrass is a friend of mine.lol

  9. good looking dogs in your avatar pix.

  10. that's great, to bad molly got run over.but you can still keep her bloodline going.

  11. Boy called me out of SC that has a pup out of Molly's last litter that won 4th place in a hunt few weeks ago man offered him $5000 for it he turned it down. James Parnell told me the same thing

  12. If I decide to not keep her, you will get 1st chance for her.

  13. JT,

    I know you are planning on keeping that female you just got. When and if you decide to let her go please give me a chance.

  14. Thanks for adding me as a friend. I enjoy you're posts, you're always friendly and willing to give helpful advice.

  15. love your pic. of the bald eagles, my favorite bird, a beautiful gamecock is 2nd lol

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