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    Clint Phillips
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    Had a barger stock Feist for 12 years passed last year looking to get another Feist and start again

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  1. ....... I hope you are still having a good season. I want to let you know you are welcome to bring your female down and breed her to any male I own if you still want to when she comes in season this spring. Take care. Jerry

  2. To a Thornburg fiest.. i have not seen one personally, but sounds and looks like she can get it done.. good luck on all your efforts.. i see you are in Tn. But what CITY???.. Larry

  3. You give Smokey another year of putting down some game ,, i think you will see a different dog.. he is out of Roper’s Toby/ Roper’s Little Daisy as you know.. Daisy is now owned by my son LP-Thornsbury on here. I have moved now to Bybee, Tn. Just north of Newport, tn.. i am glad you got Smokey and you will use him for what he was breed to do.. if i am not mistaken you intend on breeding

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