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  1. I Hope this is ok.Just Wanted to let all Show Times Friends to know Dennis Boaz passed XMAS EVE.He loved to talk dogs and knew a lot about the breeds.

  2. Hey Trent. Did u know ShowTime on here passed away xmas eve.tryed to post on chat room but wont let me in.Dennis Boaz loved to talk dogs and knew alot on the breeds.

  3. Hey Clyde, Was just checking out the breeding on the two pups u have forsale.The Williams Randi dog and my gyp CJ have ex.same breeding.I just thought it was kind of net.Would love to have one of the pups but i am about on overload.They should be good ones.

  4. Randy Hopefully i made across with my Landrum Taz x Wallace's Ky Ginger Male and my Horseshoe mtn champ jr.x Tombigbee Jo. female i just would like to know what u thing of this cross? Both are good sq dogs.thought u might be up on the breeds.

  5. Them is some fine looking dogs & pups.

  6. Hey Steve Im new to SDC just seen the pic of your dog.If he is half as good as he looks you couldnt do no better.I Would like have one like him or two or three.If u have one laying around please let me know.

  7. Hey Joedog,this is smokin R,new subscriber.I have been lookin for a while for a rat terrier mixed. I have seen pics of yours.Do you plan on having any pups in the future?Do you know where a good young dog would be?Thanks-Smokin R

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