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    Squirrel hunt by day, Raccoon hunt by night.

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  1. I have a NKC registered Yellow Black Mouth Cur gyp. She is 5 years old and will tree squirrels on her own in the yard and in the woods, she does not hunt far when we have taken her. She is not tuned up and has not been hunted in some time and needs more hide shot out to her. (We do not consider this dog to be a finished dog.) She can and has raised us two litters of beautiful puppies. She also aggressively showed interest on a cage coon in the yard when we were working hounds once before but never continued working that direction with her. We would like to find her a great home where she will be hunted. She is great around younger kids, easy to catch, and has a good mouth. ($400) Located in Mount Pleasant, Tx. (903)-573-0720 text/call
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