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  1. i have 3 males 1 606 474 9915

  2. Send me the numbers on that summit Mach 17.. i have the book but not sure which one

    1. daddymonster


      Plus cost please.. i been wanting one bad.. i think they are worth all that money, but wife is another story.. 

  3. Come on Fall I need to get back in the woods.

  4. Hunting season is here again had a good first hunt today

  5. Thanks will keep you up to date have a buddy who has a huge yard loaded with walnut trees and several bird feeders going to take him up there when he is a little older. There is always 5 or 6 squirrels I'm his yard.

  6. Jason I'm glad you are enjoying that pup and I'm sure that as long as you keep taking him for walks in the woods he will turn out for you. If ya need anything you got my number

  7. Thanks Larry fairly new here seems like a great place. Thankful to have a place to ask questions.

  8. Hello Jasin glad to be your friend. That I a nice pup you got and will make you a good one. Look forward to meeting you sometime. Your friend Larry

  9. Hunti in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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