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  1. ....... Wendell I talked to the young man that you gave Ace to yesterday 2 times on the phone and he is excited about training Ace this season. I mentioned something to him that he had to work out with you because I do not have anything to say about it at all. I mentioned to him that you "MIGHT" allow him to take Baby home with him to keep and hunt Ace with until he starts treeing if he would build him another kennel to put her in and if he would take good care of her while she was at his house. You will still own her and get her back when Ace starts treeing. She will help teach Shawn what a squirrel dog is supposed to do when he hunts with her and she will help Ace to start treeing quicker. You will still have your 2 dog to hunt together when you want to go hunting. That way all 4 dogs will get hunted more times this season. Again I just "MENTIONED" this to him, it is up to you and him to work it out or not. Take care and happy hunting. Jerry

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