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    Hunting squirrels top priority. (With dogs that is) Like most all kinds of hunting.

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    Gary Dumas
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    Curs & Cur crosses
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  1. I raised this litter of pups because I wanted two for my own use. They were born August 6, 2021. She raised 10. Dam is Stephens (light bred) / Jukebox cross. Sire is Stephens (cedar creek hoss)/ Mountain Cur cross (Kimmer, York, MOD (My Old Dog) cross) Both parents are good dogs. They hunt hard, handle good, have good noses, suite me fine. I want $50 each for these pups, I'm not trying to make money, don't let the cheap price fool you, I only raise dogs for my own use and I have too many. These dogs are in Henderson, Texas. Call me rather than email... Gary Dumas 903 658 1350
  2. Hello, Gary

    My name is David Vicars and I beleive you are the person a gentleman was telling me about that I had meet on Gus Engling. I think the man's name was Bobby he was an older fellow wore overalls and had a white or gray beard and a cur dog with him. The man spoke very highly of you. Me and my daughter camped next to him in one of the shelters about a year or so ago,me an...

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